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Houston - City Guide

Williams Towers Waterfalls

Rated by 122 voters :

Williams Towers waterfalls near the Galleria mall in Houston makes for a romantic spot.

A:2800 Post Oak Boulevard , Galleria and Uptown | Web | P:713 966-7799 | C: Romantic

Adventure Bay Water Park

Rated by 48 voters :

Check out the Adventure Bay Water Park - perfect for a summer date! Here no one cares if you act like kids.

A:13602 Beechnut Street , Houston | Web | P:281 498-7946 | C: Fun

Burke Baker Planetarium

Rated by 43 voters :

Make your wish on a star tonight! Take your date to the Burke Baker Planetarium in the Museum of Natural Sciences. They've got a laser light show in the evenings... "who doesn't love lasers?"

A:1 Hermann Circle Drive , Museum District | Web | P:713 639-4629 | C: Creative, Artsy, Fun,

Sesquicentennial Park

Rated by 52 voters :

Have a picnic at Sesquicentennial Park - $30 and you'll feast on the best antipasto, cheese and even get a bottle of wine.

A:Preston at Bagby Street , Fourth Ward and Downtown | Web | P:na | C: Fun

Houston Arboretum

Rated by 49 voters :

Enjoy a stroll through the Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre. There are lots of walking trails - it's such a great place to chill out in.

A:4501 Woodway Drive , Houston | Web | P:713 681-8433 | C: Fun

Bayou City Art Festival

Rated by 40 voters :

Have you been to the Bayou City Art Festival?

A:901 Bagby , Houston | Web | P:713 521-0133 | C: Artsy

Heritage Society Houston

Rated by 52 voters :

Take your date to the Heritage Society and check out what Houston was like in the old days. It's very cool!

A:1100 Bagby Street , Fourth Ward and Downtown | Web | P:713 655-1912 | C: Creative, Fun,

Edith L. Moore

Rated by 44 voters :

Chill out at the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary along Rummel Creek

A:440 Wilchester Boulevard , Memorial | Web | P:713 932-1639 | C: Fun, Touristy,

Cockrell Butterfly Center

Rated by 61 voters :

Take your date to the Cockrell Butterfly Center - it's located in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. A three-story glass cone filled with exotic butterflies.

A:5555 Herman Park Drive , Museum District | Web | P:713 639-4629 | C: Artsy, Creative, Fun,

Hermann Park

Rated by 53 voters :

Hang out in Hermann Park and see what animals you can find. They've even got vampire bats!

A:6201-A Hermann Park Drive , Museum District | Web | P:713 524-5876 | C: Fun

Port of Houston

Rated by 32 voters :

Tour the Port of Houston by boat - there's a free 1.5 hour tour

A:7300 Clinton Drive Gate 8 , Magnolia Park | Web | P:713 670-2416 | C: Fun

Bayou Bend

Rated by 40 voters :

Spend a lazy afternoon on a warm day at Bayou Bend - find the mansion there, it has art displayed throughout it.

A:1 Westcott Street , River Oaks | Web | P:713 639-7750 | C: Creative, Artsy,

Museum of Health and Medical Science

Rated by 57 voters :

I spent a fascinating afternoon with my partner at the Museum of Health and Medical Science! Only $5 each to get in! Worth it if you're into science or medicine.

A:1515 Hermann Drive , Museum District | Web | P:713 521-1515 | C: Creative

Imaginations 3

Rated by 57 voters :

For a laugh take your date to Imaginations 3, pick and paint a statuette for your date. See what you can come up with.

A:7925 Fm 1960 Road W , Willowbrook | Web | P:281 970-1071 | C: Fun

Houston Bonsai Farm

Rated by 54 voters :

Grab a latte and head out to the Houston Bonsai Farm in Uptown. Check out the tiny trees. It's amazing how they make them grow like that.

A:5015 Westheimer Road , Galleria and Uptown | Web | P:713 621-3448 | C: Creative, Artsy, Fun,

Baker Street Pub Pool

Rated by 56 voters :

Head out to the Baker Street Pub for a game of pool - best nights are Monday or Tuesday when its not so packed.

A:5510 Morningside Drive , West University | Web | P:713 942-9900 | C: Fun

Houston Holocaust Museum

Rated by 52 voters :

The Houston Holocaust Museum. It's probably not the first date idea on the list but still worthwhile looking at - definitely moving.

A:5401 Caroline Street , Museum District | Web | P:713 942-8000 | C: Creative

Houston Funeral History

Rated by 53 voters :

National Museum of Funeral History - ok for something a little west of your average date night. This wont freak your girl friend out but it's a little morbid. Open minded people will appreciate history in this place.

A:415 Barren Springs Drive , Houston | Web | P:281 876-3063 | C: Creative

Moody Mansion

Rated by 41 voters :

Experience life the way it was in the late 1800's / early 1900's. The Moody Mansion has been restored to the way it looked at the turn of the century.

A:2618 Broadway Street , Galveston | Web | P:409 762-7668 | C: Creative, Artsy,

Houston Orange Show

Rated by 41 voters :

I love the orange show. It's worth checking out and taking photos. It's very quirky. They have events during the spring and the summer.

A:2401 Munger Street , Gulfgate and Pine Valley | Web | P:na | C: Creative, Fun,

Houston Christ Church Cathedral

Rated by 46 voters :

Christ Church Cathedral - faith or not - it doesn't matter this place is awe inspiring architecture! Mon - Thur they serve the best cajun/creole food in town.

A:1117 Texas Street , Houston | Web | P:713 222-2593 | C: Creative, Artsy,

Miller Outdoor Theatr

Rated by 48 voters :

Miller Outdoor Theatre - you cannot go past an outdoor flick! So romantic.

A:6000 Hermann Park Drive , Museum District | Web | P:281 823-9103 | C: Romantic

Beer Can House

Rated by 59 voters :

Some dude made a beer can house, I couldn't resist dragging my girl there to see it! Tours a run - actually pretty amazing how it was constructed.

A:222 Malone Street , The Heights, Rice Military | Web | C: Creative

Houston Driving Range

Rated by 43 voters :

Try your golf swing at a Driving Range -

A:12000 Almeda Road , Central Southwest | Web | P:713 413-3400 | C: Fun

Laffstop Comedy

Rated by 53 voters :

Go check out Laffstop for a dose of comedy.

A:526 Waugh Drive , Houston | Web | P:713 524-2333 | C: Fun

Traders Village Market

Rated by 52 voters :

Head to the Traders Village Market - split the $30 and go your separate ways. You've both got 20 minutes to buy each other a present. The funniest present wins!

A:7979 N Eldridge Road , Houston | Web | P:281 890-5500 | C: Fun

Sam Houston Park

Rated by 65 voters :

Sam Houston Park - it contains seven historic homes, an oasis of antiquity in the heart of the bustling modern city.

A:1100 Bagby Street , Fourth Ward and Downtown | Web | P:713 655-1912 | C: Artsy, Fun,

Houston Tunnel System

Rated by 44 voters :

If you've never had a chance to get around in the Houston Tunnel System you should check it out!

A:919 Milam , Fourth Ward and Downtown | Web | P:na | C: Fun

Glenwood Cemetery

Rated by 72 voters :

Wander around Glenwood Cemetery - Includes the grave of Howard Hughes

A:2525 Washington Avenue , The Heights and Washington Corridor | Web | P:713 864-7886 | C: Creative, Fun,

Galveston Island Ghost Tour

Rated by 63 voters :

Ghost Tour of Galveston Island.

A:25th and Strand Street , Galveston Island | Web | P:832 892 7419 | C: Fun

Miller Outdoor Theatre

Rated by 5 voters :

The miller outdoor theater is amazing (and free). Check the schedule at