Top 5 First Date Ideas

Always make a great first impression! STAND OUT OF THE CROWD!


There are loads of strategies for a first date – and you’ll want to change your first date strategy depending on how much you like a person. This TOP 5 list of things to do on a first date is a guide to impressing a someone that you're very much attracted to... someone you would like to date again.

There are 3 key features to making an impression on a HOT date:

1. Give your date an experience they haven’t had before on a date.

2. Allow room for conversation in the date – your HOT date must see that you’re interesting and that you have brilliat conversation to offer. For this reason a movie is not an option as there is little opportunity to chat with your date.

3. Make sure you stand out of the crowd - when dating, a try before you buy policy is usually a standard - so you want to be on top of the list – make your date want to see you again!