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No.2 - Amusement Park Date Idea

The Amusement Park for the first date! AWESOME!!!

There is nothing like letting your inhibitions go and allowing yourself to act like a kid again. Even better if your date drops their defences and joins you! The more excited you are the better it will be!

This date idea is sort of cheating, you could do this date idea for under $30 – but the fun may only last 15 minutes... usually entry into the park is free and you can pay per ride, but seriously... how much fun is that going to be?

Bah – who cares tho? If costs you more than $30 at the end of the night, you’ll still have had a ripper time!

This is what we at $30 Date Night would do to make this date amazing:

There is no doubt about it, it’s a fun feeling being a kid again. And totally awesome if you can share it with your date! Although, it needs to be said... this date idea, even though it technically falls into the $30 budget – well, to really have fun you’re going to need to set your budget above $30. Sure it’s possible to do a theme park for less than $30 – but to impress a date, lets fork out some more moolah.

STEP 1 - Do your research – find your local amusement park online, and see what they’ve got to offer. Most will have free entry and pay by ride, or buy unlimited ride tix.

STEP 2 - Check out what rides will work for the date so at least you’ve got an idea on how to kick things off until your date has let their hair down. Be sure to be flexible and go on rides your date wants to try. EVEN IF YOU'RE SCARED!

STEP 3 - If you’re scared of heights – then you’ll want to tell your date this. Get them involved with your fear; just don’t act childish or immature. It’s a good chance to hold on / get close to them throughout the night.

STEP 4 - It’s just as important to take time out and do people watching as it is the do the thrill rides. This gives you a chance to take a rest and enjoy time with your date. You can talk about the rides, grab something to munch on or coffee and sit back and watch. REMEMBER- chat time is more important that the ride, your date needs to get to know you.

STEP 5 - As the end of the night approaches slow down the thrill rides and move to games that allows you to win a prize like a teddy bear or some novelty that they can take home with them.

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