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No.1 - Bingo Date Idea

LMAO! When I first thought of taking my date to a Bingo Hall – I cringed too... firstly I shat myself because it was so far out of my comfort circle that I was ready to run for the hills. When I got there and I was shocked to see what I got myself in for...

But if you discount this date idea because you "THINK" it's going to be rubbish... then it’s just too bad. You cannot judge a book by its cover! The Bingo date idea is serious fun!!! And out of all the date ideas I've done, it ranks up in my personal top 5 date ideas.

This is how we'd do the Bingo date idea at $30 Date Night

There are two school of Bingo – the SERIOUS TYPE where you can actually win a stack of cash or there is the PLAYFUL / FUNNY bingo that you’ll find running in various pubs or clubs.

SERIOUS BINGO – It’s a big world out there – you’ll be surprised of the fun to be had in places you’ve never considered going to! Hold onto your partner, and get over your misconceptions cause this is an experience you’ve NEVER had before! (That is of course if you’ve never been to a Bingo Hall before).

Bingo at a serious bingo hall will have your heart pumping and your skin tingling in the hope of winning the jack prize! Firstly, here is a post of the experience that Emma and I had at a bingo hall – the grand prize was $10,000 – not bad for $30 of fun! And an experience unlike I’ve ever had before! http://blog.30dollardatenight.com/2009/07/31/bingo-its-a-religion/

Never been to a Bingo Hall before? Ready to have an experience that takes you out of your comfort circle... ok – here’s how you’ll do it:

1. Find a Bingo Hall with major prize money at stakes – this will usually be on a certain night during the week.

2. Work out the conditions of entry – the Bingo Hall may require you to play a certain number of games to allow you to qualify for the major prize – it’s cool the games are so cheap that you’ll still be under the $30 limit.

3. Make sure you’re not late – these people take their Bingo seriously! If you’re late – you’re not going to be let in. They have regular breaks – but you want to get in there during a longer break period to find a seat. When major cash prize is up for grabs – the hall WILL be packed.

Guys –Bingo is honestly a lot of fun! I had my doubts about this date idea while I was setting it up for Emma. Would I do it again? HELL YEAH!

PLAYFUL / FUNNY BINGO – Around some of the pubs in Melbourne, Australia – it has been known that you can find people playing BOGAN BINGO. Those of you who are not Aussie’s... a BOGAN is the equivalent to a RED-NECK. People dress up in their fav Guns n Roses t-shirts, wear wigs, take blow up guitars – it’s quite the show! Also – it has been known that a drag duo used to hold a Bingo night sometime ago... If you look hard enough, you’ll most likely find some type of hilarious bingo – although usually they’re quite underground. Check your local guides, community newspapers or bar industry papers for notice of what is going on in your town.

User Comments


06th March, 2011

we had done this date b4 i joined $30 date nite. im aseasoned bingo player and it was my dates first time. we have since been back several times and he loves it.


16th April, 2011

Tried this date idea with my fiance recently. He had been many times before but it was my first time playing. The venue took it quite seriously with lots of differnt game types and little explanation. I found it hard to keep up and got rather frustrated.