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No.3 - Comedy Date Night

Most cities and even small town will have some sort of comedy showing throughout the week. We recommend finding new undiscovered comedic talent that’s lurking your city.

This is how we'd make the Comedy Date Night happen at $30 Date Night:

Having a great chuckle is so therapeutically great! Even better when you’re having a laugh with someone you love being with! You’ll find comedy almost anywhere – even small towns should have something to offer... below are a few tips that should make your date night even better!

1. Check the community guide, local newspaper or industry papers. Industry papers are usually free and usually found around record stores, cafe’s and public transport stops throughout the city. These guides will show you who’s performing where. Or, the most simplest method is google.

2. Capital cities and other larger cities most likely have a comedy club that showcases comedians every night – and its cheap! Fridays and Saturdays will be more expensive.

3. Don’t see just anyone. Once you’ve located a show and figured out the line up you want to google the comedians to see if you’ll like their humor.

4. There won’t be much opportunity to talk to your date throughout the night, hopefully you’ll be laughing. Heckling the comedian isn’t going to impress your date either.

5. Sitting right at the front isn’t going to do you many favors – people in the front row tend to be open season for comedians... so unless you can find the funny side to be paid out (I know I cannot) make sure you arrive to the venue early enough to get a seat out of the danger zone. Arriving late usually means that you’ll be ushered to the front row.

6. Your date night really should begin after the show! Take your date out for coffee or even dessert. The show will have given you lots to chat and laugh about! It’s an easy recipe for a whole lot of fun!

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User Comments


07th November, 2009

Loved this date! Den and I went on a comedy showcase night that had several different comedians so we weren't stuck with one potentially bad one all night. We sat up the back (hate getting picked on!) and had a few drinks while we laughed until our faces hurt.


31st January, 2010

Great idea! I always say I'll go to the Comedy Festival when it's on but we never seem to get there. You've inspired me to book for this year!