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No.2 - Naked Cooking Date Idea

Girls, grab your hottest high heels, dim the lights and create a sexy atmosphere – you’re going to cook up a storm... naked!

Strip off to nothing and prance your way around the kitchen – your partner is going to love it!

$30 Date Night's guide to the Naked Cooking Date Idea

Ready... Steady... Cook – Naked! Cooking naked, I think, is one of the sexiest things a couple can do together... it’s provocative, cheeky, playful... although you have to set the mood right – simply stripping off ain't gonna cut the mustard. Here are some tips for you:

1. Everything is better in dim light – use candles as much as possible

2. Avoid fluorescent light; it won’t do your body any favours

3. Girls – high heels make your legs look incredible! Get those sexy heels on and bare it all, it’ll be hot!

4. Boys – you’ll want something to cover you up a little, just for a bit of mystery. Obviously you can do what you want, but we recommend and mini apron that simply hangs off the hips – it’ll surely come off at some point during the cooking process.

The bare essentials are important:

1. Music

2. Fragrant candles or some sweet smelling essential oils burning

3. A clean house and a super clean and tidy kitchen

4. Food – think of dishes that you can both get involved with. I recommend something simple that isn’t going to splatter all over you.

4-a. Try creamy pasta with a fresh garden salad and white wine.

4-b. Top is off with some yummy sorbet! YUM!

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27th September, 2009

Very popular date! Me? I just get visions of hot oil splatters... :-/