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No.1 - Nudist Beach Date Idea

Ahh, fear factor of 10! The Nudist Beach was for a long time voted by users into the Top 5 Worst Date Ideas. Since then, a new bunch of sorry date ideas have appeared on that list and the people have spoken... somewhere along the line the Nudist Beach Date Idea was given a chance.

Really, who wants to bare their essentials on a public beach anyway? Well, actually... we did! And you know what? It was freakin’ awesome!

$30 Date Night has done it! We recommend you do it too! Here's our rap

A video says a thousand words! Laugh your butt off (But close your eyes when you see mine on the vid – it’s not recommended viewing!)

Driving to the Nudist Beach was a little nerve wracking... getting on the beach was worse! People and families were everywhere – worst of all is not knowing where the nude beach starts or stops!

If this date idea was simple and easy to do – then there would be no fun! If you’ve got the guts, you should give it a try – be liberated! I loved it! I will definitely be back to that beach again this summer!

Important Note: Like ALL exciting date ideas, the ones that are most memorable are the ones that come with some sort of risk... usually risk of embarrassment. Enjoy!

User Comments

Don Tetley

16th July, 2010

Great idea which we discovered when we were in our 40's and this generated a new and refreshing love life between us after being married for 20 plus years. We are now in our 60's and have been married for 45 years and we believe that the nudism scene has kept us together through the hard times that all marriages go through. It lead to us going to a nudist resort called "River Island Nature Retreat" near Mittagong in NSW where we met some of our now, best friends, and discovered a group of people who, regardless of position in the real world, were there to unwind and leave the real world behind. We recommend the nudist beach idea to anyone who wants to spice up their love life or just relax and escape the madness of everyday working life. Don't let anyone tell you that this leads to wife swapping or cheating as I can assure you that there is probably more of this going on in your own street than at an area where legal nudity is allowed and everybody is upfront about it.


16th February, 2011

Well perhaps we didn't pick the most sensible day - over 40 degrees of blazing sunshine - but this was heaps of fun. A little bit daring for me (I had only ever dared to wear one piece cover up swimsuits before) which made it all the better. There's nothing like the feel of swimming nude, and few places so stripped of the invented notions of position and status. We met some friendly people, had a few good laughs about ourselves, and will be doing it again. But with a sun umbrella next time.