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No.4 - Play Pool at a Seedy Pub

This date is for a casual and relaxed encounter. You still want to dress to impress... choose your best casual clothes that makes you look classy but not business like.

The scenario you set up is an un-pretentious venue, separating you from the suits. The contradiction between the venue and your style will build mystery about you and what you rhave to offer... don't discount this date idea just yet - you'll have to sign up for hear what else we've got to say.

This is what we at $30 Date Night would do to make this date amazing:

Don’t discount this date idea because it seems trashy – it’s quite the opposite. Make it a surprise and provide your date with guidance on what they should wear. Tell them to be casual but make it a little sexy. This will have them guessing.

Appeal of this date is about mystery – having them think about who you are, what you like, and what you have to offer. It’s a great set up for a second date.

STEP 1 - Choose an underground pub (inner suburbs). Make sure it’s not too dodgy and not packed with people. Do your research, go view a pub on a Wed or Thur a week before you take your date there... set your date up for the following week on the same night.

STEP 2 - Your appearance! You want to look classy, but not business like. Dress in your best casual clothes so that your choice in appearance will contradict the venue. Tell your date to dress casually too! The impression this creates will build mystery about you – your date will spend the next few days trying to figure you out and most likely hanging on to see what other surprises you have up your sleeve.

STEP 3 - If you’re a strong pool player then DO NOT play with your dominant hand. If your date is absolutely shocking at the game then it’s time that you wrap your arms around them and provide some pointers.

STEP 4 - Drinks are standard. Get them what they want - ordering cocktails at a seedy bar is acceptable. Not everyone likes beer.

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