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No.4 - Sketch Each Other – NAKED!

Remember the scene from Titanic where Leonardo sketches Kate Winslet topless...? Girls dreamt about being Kate and guys were thinking what-a-lucky-bastard! Well, here’s your chance to get your partner to NUDE UP and pose for you...

This date idea is quite the smash hit! It works well, and can easily be done for less than the $30 budget while being in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home.

This is how $30 Date Night would play the Sketch Each Other Naked Date Idea out

Sketching your partner is a lot of fun... especially if you’ve never sketched anyone before! Don’t shy cause you think you cannot draw, you never know, you could be pleasantly surprised.

Doing anything naked takes a lot of courage for most of us – but if you’re reading this then we can assume that you’re more than curious – which is great news!

There is nothing wrong in getting naked with the person you love in the privacy of your own home! After the date night is finished you can always get rid of the evidence – no one will ever know!

Here’s what you need to do:


1. Dim lighting is needed to keep your NAKED model comfortable in their own skin

2. The heating must be at a comfortable temperature

3. Use a light sheet, something like a slightly see through scarf – let your model cover themselves up however they feel. They need to be comfortable with their pose.

4. Give your partner something to keep themselves occupied with... being on the couch is great, keep the tele on so your model isn’t bored. Once you start creating your image you’ll be having so much fun drawing that time will fly by... a movie or comedy will be great for your date!


1. The tools you choose to draw with will depend on the type of sketching you want to do. We used graphite pencils to create shades as well as detai. Also you can smudge, erase etc...

2. Grab large format paper like A2 – it will make you feel more of a artist and allow you to fit more on your page.


1. Starting off is difficult if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.

2. Begin sketching the negative space... the space around your partner. Use large blocks and sketch out any circles or squares that you see behind your partner.

3. As you progress through the drawing you’ll add detail – start with light and shade.

4. Don’t worry about finer things like the face or fingers – for now grab the overall picture.

Check out our attempt of SKETCH YOUR PARTNER here. You’ll see the images that Emma and I did of each other. Sorry, unfortunately they’re not nude – even tho I’ll take any opportunity to take my clothes off!

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