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No.3 - Skinny Dipping Date Idea

The thrill of possibly getting caught is what makes this date idea so HOT!

It’s only classed as skinny dipping when there is a chance you’ll get caught... such as dipping in a public place... some options are: neighbours pool, a hotel pool or river.

Read our thoughts on the Skinny Dipping Date Idea, how we'd make it safe and fun

Skinny Dippy is one of the sauciest date ideas you can do! The thrill, the excitement and the adrenalin all packed in one little night. Not to mention the whole sexiness of it! But beware, get caught and it’s no longer sexy, rather, plain embarrassing.

Ok, the essential to having good skinny dipping:

1. Safety first! Make sure that you’re safe in the water, in particular rivers or bodies of water with strong currents – most people will dip at night, be extra cautious when playing in unfamiliar areas in the dark. (there is no pun in that at all.)

2. Make sure you know where your swimmers are at all times. (In case you gota run)

3. If you can, you’d want to have your bathers as the only item of clothing with you at the time... just in case you need to run. If it’s impromptu and you got jeans, a top, bra and knickers and you gotta bolt – er... good luck!

4. Don’t leave your partner if they get caught – one in all in!

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