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No.4 - Street Performers

This is a cruisy date idea – a classic! Easy to do and can be a lot of fun. Try the Street Performers date idea if you're not feeling confident with the others in this top 5 list.

The Street Performing Date Idea is easy because you dont have to be the one that is entertaining your date. You can both sit back - watch, laugh and get involved.

How to make the Street Performers Date Idea even better:

The secret to a successful date depends on the how well the conversation flows - if you and your date are talking then you're on a winner. Our Top 5 Teen Date Ideas have been based around giving you the best chance to chat to your date.

The Street Performers Date Idea is a simple one that is perfect for you if you're shy and not confident with random conversation - its a good starter cause the attention is taken off you and placed on the street performers.

When the show finishes - you've now got something fun to talk about. EASY

There isn't much that you need for this date - the street performers should take up an hour or so - grab some ice-cream to start with. Afterwards hit the beach for fish and chips - or a park if its closer.

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