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No.2 - Swimming Pool Date Idea

The swimming pool on a hot day is the best... especially if it’s a novelty for you. The beach is great but I find the swimming at a public pools to be even more relaxing... you’ve got grass, there is music playing, a kiosk and toilets at hand, and most importantly – shade!

If you can get to the pools on a weekday, while everyone is still at work then it’s even better!

This is how we'd do the Swimming Pool date idea at $30 Date Night:

A day at the pools are great! There are people around you, kids having fun, sun and shade and water! Perfect!!! When going to the pools there are a few essentials you need to take with you!

1. - Chips / Crisps

2. - Drinking water / Soda

3. - A Book to read

4. - A PSP or hand held game console is perfectly acceptable (no matter what the women say)

5. - Conversation starters

6. - The usual, towel, sunscreen, sunnies... swimmers (der!)

Spending time together in silence relaxing beside the pool is just as important and healthy for your relationship as is conversing with each other. When at the pools, the book or hand-held console will be your relaxing time... sitting next to your hot date sharing the sun, the grass and the water! Sensational!

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06th December, 2009

I don't get it! Why do so many people dislike the pool?