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No.1 - The Golf Driving Range

People don't go on first dates to a golf driving range. And that’s why the golf driving range has made it to our Top 5 First Date Ideas List! It's different and it's a load of fun if you don't take yourselves too seriously.

Make no mistake about it, your date will be telling their friends, peers and work colleagues about this date – whether this date is a good or bad experience, it will be the topic of conversation after the date is over!

CAUTION: This date does not come without risk! And this is why it has made it to our #1 spot on the TOP 5 First Date Ideas List.

Here's how you do it:

All it takes is for your date to hit one awesome shot and they’ll be on cloud 9 – you’ll have a successful date. If they can repeat that awesome shot you’ll have one super-chuffed hot date! On the other hand, if your date does not get onto a good shot the date could be all over before you know it – are you prepared to take that risk?

STEP 1 - Find you local Golf Driving Range – book it in if you have to, make sure that you can hire clubs at the driving range.

STEP 2 - Make it a surprise! Don’t tell your date what you’ll be doing, just let them know that they’ll have to wear casual clothes. Specify the attire... jeans, flat shoes and a comfy top – you may have to give a hint that they will be getting a little physical but it won’t be strenuous. This will set up some air of excitement and keep your hot date guessing what you’ve got planned.

STEP 3 - When you get there, don’t be swayed if there’s a lack of enthusiasm – people are always scared of trying new things. Just ask them to give it a go, and promise that you’ll both leave if no fun is being had. Hopefully your date is a good sport - it's a good chance for you to see how they handle themselves under pressure.

STEP 4 - If you’ve never done it before, get some tips on your swing through Google. It’s not a problem if you tell your date that you’ve never done it before either and you’ve always wanted to give it a go.

Don’t stress – no one will be watching you! They’re too busy doing their own thing. Also the driving range is so big that it doesn’t really matter where the ball goes or how far you hit.

STEP 5 - Have a hit... take your time and give out pointers if your date needs it (but only if you're confident in hitting a ball). If your date is a seasoned player then you can ask for pointers from them. Either way it’s a chance to get your hands on each other – up close and personal.

STEP 6 - A back up plan. Use the Dessert Only date as a post-driving range date idea.

100 balls between you will take about 40 minutes to bash out. Take it slow to enjoy some conversation and laughs between hits (there'll definitely be some terrible shots that you’ll both do that you can giggle over). Afterwards you can hit the Dessert Only date idea to extend the night.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Newcomers will most likely receive sore hands and forearms. If your date is jarring their hands from a terrible swing, or getting blisters and you cannot give them tips to better their swing then you may need to wind up the driving range and revert to the Dessert Only date.

If you are REALLY KEEN to try this date idea for a First Date, but have never hit a golf ball before - grab some practice shots a couple of weeks before you actually ask your date out.