Top 5 First Date Ideas

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No.5 - The Dessert Only Date Idea

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can whip out a credit card and book a fancy restaurant.

It’s been done before and it will continue to be done. If you want to spend that kind of cash to impress a girl then good for you – you're wallet will be feeling it after a few dates.

The dessert only date offers you a chance to look fancy but remain under an easy $30.

This is what we at $30 Date Night would do to make this date amazing:

A simple date idea for an easy introduction. It’s safe yet still classy.

STEP 1 - Ask your date out for coffee, this date is for a short encounter – to see if you could be interested in second date

STEP 2 - Surprise your date with a nice late evening cafe. Something classy is worthwhile doing, even better if it’s a classy underground restaurant. Melbournians, you may want to scope out a place in the city called Maha (a middle eastern restaurant with some eclectic desserts.

STEP 3 - Order coffee, and tell your date that you want them to try some dessert with you. Choose a couple of desserts you can share. It’s easy start to the first date. You can chat and get to know each other and the entire date can be over within an hour. A great set up for the second date! It leaves your date wondering what else you have to offer

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User Comments

Ramon Castillo

21st September, 2009

Great idea...! Not only is this an (sort of) cozy setting, you get to find out what she likes and doesn't like, even if it's just for her "flavors of the moment." Opens up other possibilities with your new discoveries. Also, gives you a (hopefully) good memory which may be important in the future. Keep it simple...


27th September, 2009

Absolute decadence!!! Maybe have a light dinner as $30 of dessert can get you a LOT of chocolate! Alternatively, go a little fancy - get dressed up and head out into town to a classy restaurant for the dessert only date.


27th September, 2009

An all-time favorite! Romantic, decadent and oh so yummy! Love the idea of going to a fancy restaurant or a dessert-specialist restaurant for this one...


30th January, 2010

awesome idea , Romantic and Cheap.