Top 5 Fun Date Ideas

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No.5 - Skittle Candy Bowling Date Idea

Taking your date Bowling goes down as one of the ALL TIME classic date ideas, it’s on the same level as dinner and a movie. At $30 Date Night, we tend to shy away from the classics – only because they’ve been done to death, starting from a ripe age when we first discovered that we had hormones.

I’ve revisited the Bowling date idea because a user of $30 Date Night submitted the following creative spin on this classic...

Welcome to Skittle Candy Bowling, a revamp on traditional bowling where you assign silly throwing techniques according to the color of the skittle candy you pull out of the packet.

This is how we'd make the Skittle Candy Bowling Date Idea happen $30 Date Night:

Skittle Candy Bowling – or maybe just silly bowling. Either way you look at it it’s a whole bunch of fun! Below we’ve assigned a style of bowling that you need to execute according to the color of skittle you pull out of the packet.

Make sure you bring your camera or even video to capture the outcome of the night! It will be a great laugh! Oh yes – you’ll need to buy a packet of skittles before you start playing. ENJOY!

YELLOW - Spin around three times then bowl

GREEN - Non dominant hand

PURPLE - Through your legs with butt facing the pins

RED - Eyes closed – two handed (facing the pins)

ORANGE - Your standard bowling technique

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