Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas

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No.5 - Tango Salsa Class

Hot sweaty bodies pressed together, hips swaying in rhythmic unison… every woman loves a man who can dance, and secretly wants to be dipped by a guy holding a rose between his teeth! Take a dance class together to see if you like it…

This is how $30 Date Night would set up the Tango / Salsa Class Date Idea

STEP 1 - PICK YOUR POISON - Salsa is an easy one to master as it’s a street dance, think sexy latin beats and lots of hip swaying. The tango is a little more rigid and takes more skill, but is debatedly one of the sexiest styles you will find on the dancefloor. Your other options include the very slow and sensual Rhumba or the Mambo – often said to be like making love standing up!

STEP 2 - MAKE A CALL - Find yourself a school that specializes in your chosen style. Often, classes will be held in a cool bar which is great – you can have a drink to loosen up and it’s a more gritty atmosphere. Have a chat to the dance school first to make sure you know what’s going on. Often, the first class will be free for you to try! Find out what you need to wear and what suitable footwear is and pass the details onto your date too.

STEP 3 - EXPECTATIONS - So, you’re not going to be Johnny and Baby after one lesson, but remember that practice makes perfect! Don’t get frustrated with yourself, after enough repetition your body will get the hang of what it’s supposed to do.

Pay attention to the steps and the instructor during the class – you can have some fun with it afterwards. Be aware that you may swap partners frequently through the class. Don’t stress, you’ll get facetime with your date later on.

STEP 4 - LET YOUR HAIR DOWN, KICK YOUR HEELS UP! - Many classes will allocate half an hour of freestyle practice time afterwards, and many will take a catch-up class in the next room as well that’s included as part of the class. Take advantage!

If you feel like you got it down pat, take control of your partner’s dance card and sweep them across the floor all night long! Or just have fun together working out what the hell you’re supposed to be doing! Stick around to watch any advanced classes that may be on later, it’s good inspiration for you.

STEP 5 - PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Once back in the privacy of your own loungeroom, switch on some music and lower the lights while you practice without prying eyes… this is where the raunch factor gets turned right up. Don’t worry about the steps, just try and connect with your partner.

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07th November, 2009

Hot! I'd love to learn how with my boi! It looks so great in the movies.