Top 5 Teen Date Ideas

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No.5 - The Hedge-Maze Date Idea

Before you say - OMG lame date idea... think about it for a sec.

When taking out a new date, you want to do something different... something no one else has done before, the HEDGE-MAZE will impress! It's a little tacky, but its one of the more fun date ideas and will surely keep your date entertained. But the best part of this is that you'll get a chance to chat - and its most likely that you'll get a chance to be alone!

Here's $30 Date Night's spin on the Hedge Maze Date Idea

Sure, a hedge-maze sounds silly BUT... it's got so much to offer!

You get to spend time with your date alone in a hedge-maze. You be able to walk around the maze looking for clues with your date – it will be easy to chat cause you'll be working through the maze together. AND... if you're lucky you'll find some great dead ends where you can pash...


STEP 1 - Find a hedge-maze in your city. It may be out of town so you’ll need someone to drive you there. Try finding a hedge-maze that has mini golf or other things to do in the same park – this will be great for after you’ve finished the hedge-maze.

STEP 2 - Find out how much it costs. Most parks should be about $30 for two entry tix. You may want to bring some extra cash just in case you want to grab some food or drinks while you’re there.

STEP 3 - Tell your ride to pick you up 3 hours after you've been dropped off.

STEP 4 - Work your way through the maze together. The maze shuold have clues you have to find while working through to the end. Take your time to find the clues, but make sure you DO NOT FIND ALL the clues! Work through to the end and REALLY GET TO KNOW THE MAZE – ESPECIALLY THE PLACES WHERE IT'S HARDEST FOR OTHERS TO FIND YOU. Once you’re at the end tell your date that you want to go back and find the last 1 or 2 clues.

STEP 5 - If you dare to pash your date – the second time through the maze is where you’ll want to do it. But DON’T GET CAUGHT, you’ll most likely get kicked out. And there is nothing worse than having a family turn a corner and catch you two pashing. When pashing don’t stay in the one location, you should stop and move to another location every few minutes especially if the maze is full of people. Staying in the one location will definitely mean that you’ll get caught.

STEP 6 - Use the mini golf or snack bar to chill out and keep chatting. Don’t keep pashing in the open – it's not what others want to see. This will keep your date hanging to have you take them to the hedge-maze the following weekend.

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