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No.4 - Video Arcade Date Idea

Remember the fun times you had at the video arcade when you were a kid? Turn back time... and play with your date as if you were kids again – and just for a little while. Find you local video arcade and hit the games you used to play as a kid.

This is how we'd do the Video Arcade date idea at $30 Date Night:

Unfortunately, $30 doesn’t get you far in a video arcade these days unless you’re REALLY good at a game. Let’s assume you and your partner are not.

Here are some tips to make the video arcade as fun as it was when you were kids:

1. Choose games that you can play together – rather than against each other or solo. Two shooter games are always a winner. This means that if your partner is not a strong player you can help move them along.

2. Look for the old school games... in particular games your date gets nostalgic about – you’ll know these when your date sees them.

3. Air hockey is a good competition game that is a heap of fun. If you’re a strong player then you should use your less dominant hand to give your date a chance.

4. For good measure bring along some extra cash as you may run out – although $30 should give you a good 60 minutes or so of play. Afterwards you can always keep the youthfulness going – go grab yourselves ice-cream or cake...

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