About Us

$30 Date Night is the largest collection of cheap date ideas available on the web

We believe that putting effort into your relationship needn't be expensive, overly time-consuming or unrealistic.

Staying connected and close to your partner is not all about candlelight dinners and luxury hotels (however nice those things may be!) – it's about novelty. And fun. And it's sometimes just downright cheesy.

On this website, you'll find whole bunch of tools to help you plan your date nights.

For instance, there's a random date ideas generator with a big red button. Go on, give it a click! It's addictive.

If you prefer a little more structure, you'll find categorised date lists and city guides featuring local date ideas shared by people all over the world. We're adding as many cities as we can, as fast as we can, but we need your help too! If you know of any date night gems in your local area, please share them with us by submitting your own date ideas!

You can also sign up to our emails to receive date ideas in your inbox on a regular basis. We're working also on bringing you date night deals in the very near future, so do log your details here if you want to stay informed of that!

This site is run by us – Denis and Emma. We're a real life couple who created $30 Date Night to help us with our own relationship. Once we realised that other couples loved the concept too, we decided to make it a bonafide business.

Stay and have a look around. We suggest you start here, with all the reasons a regular date night is great for your relationship. There's plenty of research to back it up.

And below are the answers to some FAQs. Feel free to contact us with questions of your own!

How long have you been together?

We got together in 2005, and we were married in March of 2009. Here are some photos from our wedding.

Then we had a second Vegas wedding at Blogworld in 2010, where Elvis married us in about 10 minutes flat and our names were broadcast in neon lights on The Strip. Here are the photos from that.

How often do you go on dates?

That's a loaded question! Ideally, every week. In reality, we average every couple of weeks during our busier times. And we even do this for a job! So we know how hard it can be to set aside time for a proper date night. But we also know it's important to keep at it, even when it would just be so easy to let it slip by the wayside.

How much time do you spend together?

We live together and we work together, so we do get to spend more time with each other than most couples. Sometimes, this is a good thing. Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming (depends on if we're fighting or not!).

We do have separate offices now, which means during the day we aren't forced on each other all the time. We tend to socialise separately and we each have our own hobbies that give us space.

We have also slowly learned to separate our marriage and our business relationships – we can argue about work and then move on seamlessly to sit down at the dinner table and have a normal conversation.

Do you fight?

Yes, of course we do. That's what couples do. They fight. It's not only completely normal, and it can even be constructive if done right.

Are you relationship experts?

No. And we're not a perfect couple, either. There is no such thing.

But we are committed to each other, and that's the most important part. No matter how educated you are on relationships and love, there will never be perfection.

We are just a normal couple, though we do draw on the findings of lots of relationship experts in our articles and even when it comes to the underpinning philosophy of $30 Date Night.