Do You Have a Romance / Relationships Website?

You can have your very own $30 Date Ideas Generator - LIKE THE ONE BELOW:

Do you have a website based on romance / relationships? If yes, why not place your very own $30 Date Ideas generator on your site, blog or personal page.

Test it:

Play with the Next | Prev buttons to see how the date ideas are delivered.


This generator is 300 x 300px in size. It's has been made to fit into most standard blogs and website sidebars.


All you need to do is copy and paste the code below into your side and it will look and function the same way it does here. Check it out.

Date Ideas are brought to you by $30 Date Night

Installing the code:

Copy the code below, and enter it into a page of your website that you want to display it - like your homepage. Blogs like wordpress should already have a side bar or advert box that is 300px wide - often its a file called 300ad.php - if you paste the code into this file it will diaplay on your site.


You are welcome to use this code on your site for the benefit of your readers / visitors - $30 Date Night has worked hard to deliver well presented content and a great looking widget. You may use this widget and present its contents - you are not permitted to alter the credit to $30DN or remove the link to us.