Love Your Relationship

Life's too short for boring relationships. Revolt against The Rut.

Dating shouldn't stop just because you've been in a relationship for awhile. In fact, we have it on good authority that if you and your sweetie keep dating right through your relationship or marriage, you'll stay more connected and reduce your risk of break up or divorce drastically.

We have a no excuses approach to date night. Every date idea you find on this website will only set you back around $30 - for two! Some of the dates are completely free.

Don't worry if you have to manage kids plus date night. We have strategies for that too. If you manage to get out of the house only once a month or so, all your other date nights can be done at home while the kids are sleeping or occupied.

Here's four steps to getting date night happening:

1. Schedule a regular date night with your partner. It can be once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. As often as you can. Don't worry about getting babysitters every time - you can date your partner without even leaving the house. Once you've settled on one, go ahead and schedule it into your calendar.

2. Take it in turns to be the date night organiser. This website is your inspiration tool for fantastic date ideas. Click through our random generator for worldwide date ideas (ones that can be done anywhere) or for date ideas in your very own city. You can also search by looking for Stay Home Date Ideas, Summer Date Ideas, Romantic Date Ideas and more. Here's the catch: you can't do the same thing twice!

3. When date night rolls around, make a big deal of it. Change out of your sweats and into nice clothes. Splash on some cologne and a bit of lippy please, ladies! Remember when you first started courting? You made an effort! Phones away, TV off and enjoy!

4. Get involved! Rate the date ideas - do you love them or hate them? Sign up for a free account (and get a free Kickstart Your Date Nights eBook) so you can save date ideas for later on, write reviews of date nights you've completed and even add your own awesome date night ideas to share with our dating community.

Singles: We Love You, Too!

Being in the singles dating game can get downright expensive and predictable. There are thousands of date ideas on this website and many of them are great first or second date options - be fun and creative on your dates without looking like a cheapskate.

For The Research Geeks Out There

Dating your partner is good for you!

Ever feel like your relationship is in a rut? Don't worry, it's normal. We humans are creatures of habit and there's nothing we love more than a good dose of predictability.

However, this doesn't exclude spontaneous excitement altogether. It just means we have to work a little harder to get it.

This is where date night comes in. Several groundbreaking experiments done in early 2008 show that simply doing NEW things together as a couple can help bring the butterflies back, recreating the chemical surges in the brain that are present in early courtship... This means bringing back the butterflies you used to get in your stomach every time you'd think of your sweetie.

It's all explained in much more detail in our eBooks, but for now all you need to know is that date night is good for you and that as humans who love ritual, it's important that you put some framework and rules around your date nights to keep them fun and exciting! Going to the same restaurant every time Is no more beneficial than sitting on the couch watching TV together.

If we all spent as much effort on our relationships as we do on our professional careers, the world would be a more loved up and happy place!

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