Top 5 Naked Date Ideas


So I’ve gone through our current list of date ideas people have added to $30 Date night (as of Dec 2009) and I’ve compiled the Top 5 Naked Date Ideas for you - careful things get a little saucy from here on...

Inside you’ll find an array of date ideas that you can do naked... I’ve made sure that there is something in the list to cater to everyone from introverts to exhibitionists! So you’ve got some sexy date ideas you can do at home and more raunchy ones where you get to play outside!

The Number 1 Date Idea on the Top 5 Naked date ideas list comes with a fear factor of 10! Personally I believe most people don’t have the guts to do the Number 1 date idea – if you do... then I’d like to see your comments – like where you went, and how it was?

Happy naked dating!

P.S. Not that we recommend it, but if you can get a first date to do one of these Naked Date Ideas – you’ve got to write in to tell as about it! Now that's a story which needs to be told!