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10 Saucy Date Ideas You Can Do Naked!

Our next door neighbor thinks our date ideas are hysterical – and regularly teases that we tend to take boring ideas and add ‘do naked!’ to make them a bit more exciting. It’s true. We do. And so especially for Gath, I bring you ten great date ideas that you can do naked!

Best of all, these are all under $30 as well! Cheap AND nude? Do dates get any better?

1. Cook dinner together – naked!
Den adores this idea… all I can think of is hot oil splatters and burning myself on the oven. We’ve never officially cooked together naked, but I imagine that donning nothing but an apron each could make for a nice compromise that keeps everyone’s everything intact. And perhaps don’t shallow fry anything… On second thoughts, maybe just a nice salad will do!

2. Strip Chess
Strip chess is great fun! The rules go like this; pawns are excluded. For every other piece you capture, your opponent removes one article of clothing. You’ll notice that this changes the entire strategy of the game. Screw taking their king! Take what you can, piece-by-piece and defend to the death right down to the last little castle… sacrifice nothing!

Take a Bath Date Idea

3. Take a Bath
Champagne, candles, soft music, bubbles… taking a bath together is up there on our best rated dates for a good reason. Good, old fashioned romance and seduction are not dead yet!

Pop out to the store and stock up on some indulgent goodies for you both to make the best of bathtime together… scented oils, handmade soap, luxurious body moisturizer for afterwards… delicious!

4. Online web chat date
This can be a bit of fun for a night in together. Get onto separate computers in separate rooms of the house, find a private chatroom or a secure IM connection and hook up your webcams for some cheeky cybersex with each other! You don’t have to START naked… but I think we all know it’s a distinct possibility that it’s going to end up that way!

5. Treat your sweetheart to a massage
Spread an old sheet or towel out on your bed and tell your sweetie you’re going to give them an amazing massage! Gather everything you will need – massage oil (sweet almond oil from the health food store is best), a hand towel for wiping off, turn off the phone. Leave the room while they strip off and cover themselves with a towel and then come back in and begin. Make sure you indulge them with a good 15-20 minutes of massage before you put the moves on and ‘accidentally’ knock their towel off them…

Life Drawing Date Idea

Check out Make Your Partner Melt for some great massage tips to get you started.

6. Play Wii
You’ll have a ball playing the Wii in the buff! Wii tennis, Wii bowling, Wii yoga…

7. Life Drawing/Photography Session At Home
Pick up some art supplies or whip out your digital camera if you’re handy with it and have a night at home learning something new while also posing for each other. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried drawing or photography before! The internet is a great place to start. Try these posts from Digital Photography School or Artist Instruction Blog to kick you off. Now all that’s left is to convince your sweetie to pose…

8. Strip sport
Much the same as strip chess, this is one great way you can get involved in a sporting game if your sweetie loves them and you don’t, or if there’s a big game on that you feel obliged to watch but honestly couldn’t care less.

Pick a side each for the game, agree on how many points constitutes removal of opponent’s clothing (i.e. for soccer you can do one item per goal safely; for basketball you may want to negotiate for every ten points…) Then barrack hard for your team and bask in sweet success as your partner strips down, piece by piece!

9. Skinny Dipping
Find a quiet (and safe!) lake or swimming pool and indulge in a late-night skinny dip under the stars with your sweetheart!

Nude Beach Date Idea

10. Nude Beach
Look around online and find out where your closest nude beach is, then take a day trip with your sweetie and get naked with a bunch of other people! Obviously, this date isn’t for everyone but if you think your partner has the, ahem, balls (so to speak!) for it, then surprise them with the destination once you’re there. Pack a lunch, drinks and of course, loads of sunscreen!

Any of you lovebirds out there got any others for us? (Aside from the obvious!)

Main picture source: Numero Magazine issue 104 ‘Pool Service’.

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  2. Posted by Noah from attract women help | November 23, 2010, 8:19 am

    I like these ideas a lot, especialy the one about the massge.

  3. Posted by sue ingram | February 4, 2011, 11:00 pm

    Well, being an outdoor fan, my best recommendation is to go for a hike in the mountains or along the beach naked. It’s the most liberating experience – although it’s often difficult to find enough privacy in these days of overpopulation as well as the increased enthusiasm for being outdoors! Hiking also requires good hiking boots, so maybe not entirely naked. But the one thing that is always very important, as mentioned in your number 10 – is don’t forget the sunscreen! Bad sunburn sure doesn’t make for anything really romantic!

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    Great it is finally happening the Obamacare is great

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