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10 Topics to Avoid on a First Date

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If there’s one thing we all fear when preparing for a first date, it’s the dreaded awkward silence. It’s something we have all experienced before, that tense moment when you bring up a topic that’s always best left untouched.

However, the good news is that you can experience a comfortable first date with bundles of chemistry, by following some simple guidelines. With this in mind, here is a look at ten conversation topics to avoid, so you have the best possible chance to get to know one another without those awkward silences.

1. Your ex

Bringing up your ex-partner immediately implies that you haven’t moved on from your last relationship. It’s also quite insulting for your date, so be respectful and keep the focus on them. This also goes for your dating preference and history, so if you usually only like to date Asian singles or tall men for instance, be polite and spare them the details.

2. Your finances

Whether you’re rich or poor, chatting about finances is an awkward conversation topic for a first date. So be sure to steer well clear of it.

3. What you’re looking for in a relationship

First dates should be about having fun and getting to know somebody better. If you are looking for a serious relationship, hold off on telling people on a first date. Talking about marriage and kids puts a lot of pressure on them, and might make you seem a little intense.

For people looking for serious relationships, a great way to meet people who share your hopes for a family is via online dating. Sites such as eHarmony specialise in matching compatible couples who are looking for the same things in life.

4. Yourself

In small amounts? No problem. Relentlessly? Not so good. Be sure to also ask questions and show an interest in what your date has to say.

5. Your work problems

If you’ve had a terrible day and your boss keeps piling you with deadlines – then take a deep breath and leave it all behind. Whinging about work dramas will make you seem negative and unhappy. Stick to the positives instead.

6. Other dates

If you have a hilarious disaster date anecdote then by all means share it to lighten the mood. But when it comes to your last boyfriend who swept you off your feet at an expensive restaurant, don’t make your date feel inadequate or unappreciated.

7. Politics

Politics is a sticky subject at the best of times. Don’t put people on the spot and demand to know their political allegiance. Not only is it rude, there’s also nothing to be gained by shouting about party policy over the mashed potato and ruining the night.

8. Rude jokes

It might be the joke that has your rugby team in hysterics every time, but until you know your date’s preference for humour, it’s best to hold off.

9. Sex

Bringing up sex on a first date can make your date feel uncomfortable and under pressure. Steer clear until you know their intentions and their comfort levels when talking about these things.

10. Celebrities

The next episode of Big Brother or The Hills may well be pencilled in your diary every week. But if your date doesn’t share your enthusiasm for celebrity gossip, show some compassion and don’t force it on them. Gentlemen, the same goes for you with all things motoring.

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