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2 Quick Date Ideas Beginning with Q

Q is for Quoits Date Idea

This is one of the dreaded letters that’s hard to find a date for. I couldn’t think of a lot of options for this one… here are my top two (pathetic effort, yes!), let me know if you imaginative people can come up with more!

Quoits is that old fashioned picnic game with a wooden stick and woven rings that you try to throw onto the stick from a distance. Beg, borrow or find a set and take a picnic along with you one sunny day. Bet what you will (chores/foot rubs/sexual favours) on the quoits game outcomes to make the most of this date.

Find a little Taqueria and pop in for a late afternoon snack of Quesadillas and maybe even a margarita, providing you catch them on their happy hour!


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  1. Posted by Laura | July 14, 2014, 5:47 am

    Quad biking
    Question time
    Quinticentially English lunch

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