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Ten Pin Bowling & 5 Other Cheesy Date Ideas

Oh, I know, I know… groan… Ten Pin Bowling is soooooo lame, right? Yes, you’re absolutely right. But the fact that it is so daggy is what makes it a whole lotta fun! I must admit, Den did look pretty dubious when he realised where I was leading him. In fact, he seemed so unimpressed [...]

What’s your HOTTEST date night?

What’s your HOTTEST date night?

Share your most exciting date night you can remember… let us know what worked for you and the reasons why it turned you on. Click the title “What’s your HOTTEST Date Night?” and give us your secrets!

To blog or not to blog…
the Bourne Identity exposed

For the first post I can say I’m a little nervous of how much to give away… laying out my thoughts in an open forum for the world to see, significantly diminishes my fantasy of being “Australia’s top government assassin,” you know… something that resembles that of Jason Bourne. Shhh! … it’s a secret. I [...]

How to Give a Good Movie Night Date

The Incomparable Heath Ledger Den has been hanging to see the new Batman Movie and we desperately needed to get out of the house (cabin fever was setting in) so Movie Night seemed like a nice, manageable date for the both of us. I jumped online to make sure we could book great seats (I [...]

Why $30 Date Night?

Why $30 Date Night?

  Den and I had our first date together … oh, let’s see… around 8 months into our actual relationship! Because what we had was something that evolved naturally from a friendship to a friendship with benefits to a proper, grown-up relationship, it never once occurred to either of us to go on a proper [...]