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Recession? What recession?

Just got back in from date night at Maha Bar… great little spot that we have featured on the Melbourne City Guide dates! Now, you can get away with a fantastic bar snack for $30… the lamb, lemon and chilli Turkish pizza comes highly recommended and the chicken and almond bastille is great, tucked into [...]

The 5 Top Reasons NOT to do Date Night

Den and I have been doing our weekly date nights for about a year now. It did take awhile to get into the swing of things, but once we hit our stride, we didn’t look back. A week without date night feels strange… we are disconnected, we get snippy at each other, we don’t get [...]

A Pissa! Adjective – Australian slang for causing amusement or laughter;

The Comics lounge on Erroll Street North Melbourne is where you would have found Emma and me for Date night (on Wednesday night). Bless the guys that run that place… for $15 each you get 2 hours of comedy, and piss funny comedy too! Last night showcased 6 comedians with big names like Fox K, [...]

Whats Love Got to do With it?

I’m no expert in love… it’s difficult to feel like I have anything to contribute when I look into my past and all I see is massive relationship meltdowns with previous partners. Maybe after all these years Tina Turner has found the answer for us? “Does love actually have anything to do with it?” If [...]