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Thank You, Nurse Denis

Date night this week was postponed, due to unforeseen illness… I woke up Saturday convinced I was dying of the swine flu. You might think I’m saying that to be funny, but quite honestly – I had all the right “flu like symptoms”, and was packing a migraine in just for good measure. My throat [...]

Our Wedding

Our wedding photos have arrived… we were married on 5 March this year… these breathtaking images are courtesy of Xsight Photography… they made us look GOOD!

Can Morning Larks and Night Owls Share a Nest?

I’ve just found out I’m what the sciencey people call a “Night Owl”. Den is most definitely a Morning Lark. This means that most nights around 10pm, you can find Den happily snoring away on the couch in front of the television, while I potter around winding myself down for a few more hours before [...]

10 Fun Date Ideas for a Lazy Sunday

We moved date night to Sunday this week, as it was the only spare time we could find to indulge in a few hours quietly together. There’s something lovely about a lazy Sunday date. I’ve compiled a list of a few great lazy Sunday date ideas here for you, after the jump.

Michelle Obama Talks Date Night

NB: Video after the jump! The Obamas are undoubtedly the busiest couple in the entire world, with the weight of global responsibility squarely on their shoulders… we’re sure that their weekly schedules would be enough to put us mere mortals to shame. And yet… And yet they still find time for regular date nights (and [...]

SUCCESS!!! Mineral Hot Springs Date… sorted!

This date night was brilliant!!! And spot on the money too! $15 each entry… BUT   THE GOOD! It’s hot, damn hot. And sooooo so so good on a freezing cold night. You get to splash around in the outdoors, under the stars with plenty of greenery around you. It’s perfect for winter… when it [...]