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10 Saucy Date Ideas You Can Do Naked!

Our next door neighbor thinks our date ideas are hysterical – and regularly teases that we tend to take boring ideas and add ‘do naked!’ to make them a bit more exciting. It’s true. We do. And so especially for Gath, I bring you ten great date ideas that you can do naked! Best of [...]

Love Plug: The Most Romantic Movie of 2009 is Coming

See the first official trailer from The Time Traveler’s Wife after the jump! (Cue girly squealing!)

My Friends are BANANAS!!!

I don’t get it… I spent the better part of last night having a discussion about relationship problems with a friend of mine. One comment made was that his partner actually said “you never do anything spontaneous or take me out anywhere anymore – simple things like going for a hike!” I almost fell off [...]

Follow Their Lead: The Obamas Do Date Night!

The world has been abuzz with the scandal of the Obamas’ fantastic, expensive date nights – from a Broadway show in New York to dinner by the Eiffel Tower in Paris the next, the President and First Lady are setting an amazing example to couples everywhere. Politicians, the media and dating ‘experts’ are all weighing [...]

Tame the Bear and Lame Date Ideas

Last night I watched some talk show with Kevin Bacon in it discussing master-googling or google-bating, whichever you want to call it. Basically – its where you google yourself to see what comes up. And so, I’ve just googled ThirtyDollarDateNight.com to check out who’s talking about our date ideas site and what’s being said. And [...]

Date Night at the Elwood RSL

Move over Rockpool, Vue De Monde and Nobu… there’s a hidden secret out there deserve a chef’s hat (Michelin star) from each of you. Sure I’m no food critic, but I do love my food! And yes, my opinion may not mean much, but this is it… and here it is!

Date Night with Cirque Du Soleil

We had a special date night this week; Den was given tickets to Cirque Du Soleil for his birthday. Some of you might think that a night at the Circus doesn’t really fall into our $30 budget…. But we figure if they were a present, then we still have our budget to spend on popcorn [...]

Cutest Little Old Couple Ever

Video after the jump of the most adorable little old couple, playing a piano duet they’ve clearly been rehearsing together for 62 years…

Love Plug: Old-fashioned Telegrams

Plugging great products and services for couples…. How cute is this idea?! Send your sweetie a quaint, old-fashioned telegram love note from the guys at Telegramstop.com. Just type in your message and presto! a telegram will arrive on their doorstep like magic. These telegrams cost less than $5USD, anywhere in the world, they look and [...]