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BINGO, it’s a religion!

I was going through the $30 Date Night site looking for a date idea that would blow me away… nothing popped out at me a grabbed me. Madly pressing the red button I cruised past the Bingo suggestion. It’s such a stupid date suggestion I didn’t even notice it… but, like the subliminal promos played [...]

Collection of the Best Wedding Dances Ever!

Weddings should be a fun celebration of life, of friends, of family and of course of love. We love these three couples who went out of their way to deliver some fun into their wedding day and shirk off the staid traditions that can threaten to make the day far too serious! Kudos to you [...]

Love Plug: Nookii Adult Board Game for Two

Nookii is a cheeky adult game made only for two. I bought this game for Emma as a Christmas present in 2006… I had to discreetly hand it over to her at a family gathering – although Em’s mother was all over the smoke and mirrors and knew I was up to something something… About [...]

5 Goals You Can Work Towards Together as a Couple

Working towards goals as a couple is a great way to engender a team spirit, gives you something to look forward to and keeps you focused in life. Discussing your own personal goals with your partner is a great way to start, but setting some major goals as a couple is also very important in [...]

A Date Night in Pictures: Dominique Portet Winery

…all for under $30! Great date night in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley… go find your own local winery reigon and seek out some cellar door specials! Enjoy! Rate the Date Romance Factor: 5/5 – Gorgeous wine region drive, beautiful views, great food and great wine Cheese Factor: 1/5 Fun Factor: 3/5 Overall: Wonderful date for a [...]

Happy Birthday to US! The Best of $30 Date Night.

Happy Birthday to US! The Best of $30 Date Night.

I have to say, I’m a little fuzzy and happy right this second! I JUST realized that we posted our first blog entry one year ago today… Happy Birthday to us! So, at one year old, we’re still toddling around finding our feet, but so happy to report that we are looking forward a much [...]

5 Ways to Do Something New With Your Sweetie

Here at $30 Date Night, we work from the philosophy that doing new things with your sweetheart sparks the same brain chemistry as when you first fell in love. This is why we suggest date night – doing something new every week will keep your loved-up and giddy! Quite literally speaking, when you do something [...]

7 Completely Free Date Ideas

We notice that on our $30 Date Night site, our Free Date Ideas page has become rather popular all of a sudden! Well, what our people want, our people get. Here’s our choice for top ten free date ideas you and your sweetie can do together! Recommended for long-term couples to indulge in when they’d [...]


Something strange has happened to me since our wedding. I’m not sure how much it’s affecting Denis, apart from the fact that two days after our wedding he turned to me and said ‘Let’s have a baby now!’ Now, we have a four year plan. A plan that doesn’t involve children or even our first [...]

Death By Cheese, aka Fondue Date Night

Wow. Who knew those Swiss were so hardcore about their cheese? I looked up our local Swiss Club for date night this week, in the hopes of trying some authentic fondue… I’ve never had it before, and neither has Den. Let me start by getting one thing very clear: I love my cheese. I would [...]

Love Plug: Kama Sutra Play Products

What do Strawberry and Champagne flavoured body dusts, edible massage souffles and a Lover’s Paintbox of Chocolate have in common? Well, they are all verrry classy, very adult bedroom play products from the divine range at Kama Sutra. Far from seedy, the packaging and concept behind these lickable, kissable products will add a touch of [...]

5 Worthy Date Ideas That Give Something Back

Here are five date ideas that don’t rate all that well on our $30 Date Night voting system. True, they’re not the most romantic of ideas – and we are certainly not suggesting you necessarily use them in your early courting phase! But if you are one half of a committed couple that knows each [...]