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Living With Messy People

My poor husband. I’m messy, you see. I’m not talking about dirty or unclean. It’s just… I thrive best in organized chaos. You should see my desk. It’s piled with papers, notepads, post-its, books, an ornament of Ganesh (no idea), a calculator, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, unopened mail, stray jewelry that I take off and never [...]

Does the dating world need a Daters Lemon Law?

Yay or Nay?

The Proposal: Part 1

It occurs to me that Den and I have been doing some spouse-bashing on this blog lately, what with our airing of bad habits and petty annoyances! It’s all in good humor of course… that’s just the way we are with each other. We’ve faced reality about our differences and are happy to air them [...]

In Pursuit of Healthiness

I’ve taken up Pilates, which has been a long time coming for me. I have kind of an… aversion… to exercise. In that I hate it. Well, mostly I hate it. You could call it a like-hate relationship, I suppose. My newfound okayness with Pilates makes for a Very Pleased Husband. Den is somewhat of [...]

My Wife is a Petty Thief!

How many guys out there have woman who loves your stuff? Emma says using my things makes her feel closer to me – from my daggy clothes, to my pyjamas (yes I love pyjamas!) to my socks and worst of all – my pens! “I feel closer to you when you’re not around…” I think [...]

Pho Fo’ Date Night

One of our anonymous users suggests taking your date to eat Pho – Vietnamese noodles for date night! Well, I can’t say I’ve ever been out for authentic Pho and neither had Den. I Googled around to find some recommended places in Melbourne and was stunned to find one of the best was within a [...]

Things I Wish My Husband Would Let Me Throw Out

Bringing two people’s belongings together into one house was never going to work. Lifetimes of memories, sentimentality and just plain bad taste will always haunt us… here is a comprehensive list of things I wish Denis would let me throw out… or at least move to some ‘man room’ – which we don’t have in [...]

In Defense of Marriage

In my recent web-travels, I stumbled across Sandra Tsing Loh’s “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” article, complete with subheading ‘The author is ending her marriage, isn’t it about time that you did too?’ I am deeply disturbed, and I’m trying to put my finger on why. I’m not usually a ‘I’m-going-to-write-a-letter-about-this!’ kind of person. [...]

Men vs. Women on Love, Sex and Romance

I recently stumbled across The Great Male Survey on blokey advice site and was fascinated by the answers from all over the globe to the Dating and Sex questions. In a fantastic move, the same questions were also answered by a bunch of females for Shine on Yahoo and here, I correlate for you [...]

6 Other Ways You Can Hang Out With Your Sweetie

Date night isn’t the only way to spend time with your sweetheart! We give you 6 more great ways to make sure you get some quality time together instead of getting caught up in the humdrum of daily life. These six ideas are great if you find yourselves pressed for finding time. 1. Do the [...]

What About a Little Mystery?

I’m an old-fashioned kind of gal… one who still believes in ladylike manners, in never belching at the dinner table and certainly never farting in the company of others. Others, including my own husband. I also under no circumstances leave the bathroom door open and I flat-out refuse to undertake any kind of hair removal [...]

Video Game Arcade Date Night Review

So. Den is one of those guys that is constantly on his PSP (that’s PlayStation Portable for any non-gamers and non gaming-widows out there). In classic addict style, he is also in denial that he might have a problem. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he spends maybe, 30 minutes a day on [...]

Denis, NAKED TWISTER is not a first date! Part 2

If Naked Twister doesn’t work, then what will get her into bed? Emma and I had this push and pull friendship. We would flirt to a point and then one of us (usually Emma) would put on the brakes and BOOM we would stop talking. At the time I was not aware – Emma had [...]

7 of the Most Romantic Date Ideas Ever

Swoon. Candlelight, soft music, long-stemmed roses and tummy-butterflies… every couple needs romance in their lives at some point. Not all of our date ideas at are the most romantic (some are fun, some are silly and some are downright cheesy!) but the ones that ramp up the romance factor ALWAYS seem to be appreciated… [...]

Is ‘Happily Married’ Unfashionable?

I just stumbled across this wonderful article by Aaron Traister: It’s hot! It’s sexy! It’s… marriage! Traister writes: My wife and I have been married anywhere from seven to 150 years (I’m not good with dates). During those years we have moved six times, and each move was like an exotic gift that happened to [...]

Excerpts from 365 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

I found this vintage book in my mother’s collection just recently… 365 Ways To Say I Love You was written in 1968 by a young, fanciful woman named Jani Gardner who had oodles of helpful wifely advice for any woman out there looking to show her husband how much she cares… assuming she has nothing [...]

How to Be Romantic in Modern Times

I don’t know about you, but I find these days that romance can be so clichéd. True, some elements of romance will never go out of fashion. Candles will always be beautiful, the right music will always set the mood… flowers will always soften hearts. But modern times come with a heavy lashing of cynicism. [...]

Top 8 Reasons Smart Girls Should Date Diggers Geeks

We get a lot of great feedback about our date ideas site. But one comment that keeps coming up in particular from some of our dear internet-savvy readers who are self-professed nerds and geeks, is that while they love the ideas, they find it hard-pressed to FIND a girl to date in the first place! [...]