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What are the Best Breakup Songs?

I recently found an old friend I’d all but forgotten: my Missy Higgins The Sound of White album. This album and I go way back. It got me through a hideous breakup with hours of cathartic sobbing, crying and feeling generally sorry for myself. I had it on repeat for months and months… Do you [...]

How to Make a Love Map

In our spring clean-up this week (more on that later), I unearthed a file of papers from when Den and I did our pre-marriage education weekend earlier this year. In Australia, these weekends are generally a prerequisite for marrying in any given church – though after being pleasantly surprised by the genuinely great information we [...]

Do Opposites Really Attract?

Den and I, we’re not much alike in many of our behaviors. That is to say, we definitely were not much alike when we first met, but over the years I think we have softened each other away from our extreme opposite behaviors… we’re becoming more and more similar all the time – to the [...]

Guest Post: $30 Cake Night

This deliciously decadent guest post comes to you from the divine Jess Pryles of Sugadeaux Cupcakes. You can find her on Twitter @sugadeaux or visit her mouthwatering website here… While we’re all still shaking off the winter blues, sometimes a great date can be spent as a night in. With chocolate. And cake. How can [...]

Man Cold Syndrome (aka, poor Den)

Emma believes that when I am sick I suffer from Man Cold Syndrome… WTF? Friday, I busted my leg in judo class. I don’t think it’s broken, but it’s not a happy leg – there is definitely damage to the medial ligament of the knee and something funky is going on at the lateral side [...]

Planning Holidays Together

Coming up to summertime in Australia, it’s about that time of year we should be planning our Christmas holidays if we want even a chance at securing a good holiday house, hotel or destination… or even securing a good bunch of people to holiday with. I’m not actually sure if we will take a holiday [...]

Time Apart Does NOT Mean Break Up!

I love Emma more than anything in the world – but time apart does wonders for the soul! I’ve just come back from 7 days in the snow… with friends, mostly couples, but there was no Emma. One of the partners asked where she was – I replied with “we’re spending some time apart.” Ok, [...]

Table for One?

With Den away all week, I’ve had plenty of time to be alone, indulge in all that Secret Single behavior without having to lock doors and such… last night, I even took MYSELF on a date night. Alone. I was watching the lovely Mia Freedman and a panel of mothers on 9am yesterday morning talking [...]

Domestic Goddess, I Am Not

Forgive me for saying this (and hear me out, please, before you start with any hate comments!) but (oppression aside) I’ve always loved the image of the 50s housewife… a capable, industrious woman who took the running of her household into hand and knew that having a harmonious family life was just as important as [...]

The Heart Grows Fonder

Den is away this week; gallivanting off in the snow with a group of friends while I’m here at home holding down the business fort. He’s having a wonderful time, and I’m having a great time too. I quite love having the house to myself, my own space to relax, think, play my cheesy pop [...]

5 Fresh Date Ideas for the Mornings

Sometimes (like last week!) the only time you can find for a date night with each other during a hectic week is a sliver of time of a morning… whether it’s a few hours on a weekend or stealing time before you go to work, here are a few morning date ideas that may appeal [...]

How Much Time Do Couples Spend Together?

Wow – what a week! Spring has kicked off here in Melbourne with a plethora of gourmet food and high end fashion events and Den and I have barely seen each other since last Wednesday! (oh, and I’m obliged to do that thing here that EVERY blog advice site you read tells you NOT to [...]