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Rate your Woman’s Driving Skills

My wife’s driving freaks me out! There are 2 ways she manages a car. 1. Foot flat on the accelerator 2. Foot hard on the brake Coming to a halt is in a series of multiple stabs at the brake pedal as if we’re bunny-hopping a manual car – BUT the car is an auto! [...]

mX Column: Hand-in-hand

Nothing melts the heart quite like watching an elderly couple walking along hand-in-hand together. I saw an octogenarian couple crossing Swanston Street the other day. They didn’t even look as though they could negotiate the street without one another. The husband had a walking stick, the wife a hunched back. They were clinging to each [...]

Me and Febusave

I am the first to admit that I’m crap when it comes to saving money. For a long time, I was convinced that there were many more interesting things I could be doing with my money, rather than hiding it away where it would never come out to play. Things have changed. For one, I [...]

mX Column: The Rise of the Cougar

It might be the Year of the Tiger but another big cat is on the prowl. Demi started it. Then Samantha fell for Smith and we all fell right along with her. Now Susan Sarandon has broken all records by reportedly dating a 31-year-old man that her son introduced her to. She’s 63. However much [...]

Melbourne Daters: Something Special for You!

Hi you Melburnian Lovebirds… we have something special for you! The wonderful Ben Knight from Ben and Wine has offered three couples the chance to attend one of his upcoming wine tasting nights as a $30 Date Night… which is a hugely discounted offer for our readers (RRP: $150!). The nights will run over the [...]

How Much Does Your Man Pay Attention?

I wrote late last year about creating Love Maps in your mind, to track the small details about your partner that are important. The Daily Mail has reported how millions of men don’t know the most basic of details about their partner – including dress size and even eye colour. 2,000 men in the UK [...]

Top 5 (Non-Soppy) Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The commercialism of Valentine’s Day seems to be grating on everyone’s nerves this year. And it’s not just singles that are hating Valentine’s Day. Couples everywhere that I speak to are vehement. “Bloody Hallmark”… “Overpriced Flowers”… “Don’t tell me when to be romantic towards my wife” You know what everyone? Get over it. It’s VALENTINE’S [...]

mX Column: Blind Dates? Bad News.

Despite the Austen-like images my moniker may conjure, I’m not much of a matchmaker. I don’t believe in the ‘set up’, and especially not since one of my best friends, N. sent me on a blind date. On paper, it should have worked perfectly. He was cute, fun and intelligent, as promised. He even had [...]

For Men: How to Buy Lingerie for Your Sweetie

Today’s post is written by the saucy Bra Queen, who knows more about lingerie than anyone I know! Valentine’s Day is coming and you’re probably thinking about what a con the whole shebang is. To be honest? You’re probably right. But any man worth his weight in gold would want to Va-va-VOOM his Valentine. Blow [...]

Why Don’t Men Listen?

I get Deja Vu on a regular basis, what with the amount of times I have to repeat myself during the day. I don’t know what goes through Den’s head when I talk. I can only imagine it’s something along the lines of “miow-miow-miow-miow, miow-miow-miow-miow, miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow-miow”… Or perhaps the grating pitch of my voice inspires [...]