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5 Cotton (2nd) Anniversary Gift Ideas

Given everyone loved the paper anniversary post so much, I thought I’d continue the series of Traditional Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas for couples. We’re at 2nd year anniversary – cotton! Clothes – It’s obvious, yes. There are a few ways to execute this present though. You can either: 1. Pick up some great threads for [...]

mX Column: Man-Hot vs. Girl-Hot

It’s all about new-season fashion as we hit the shops, inspired by last week’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival – but how much of what we see walking the runways during the shows will show up in our own wardrobes? And what will the men think of it all? I’m wearing a dress today that I [...]

B is for Breakfast and Radio and Breakfast Radio

Today’s date of the week starts with the letter B. We kicked off the day with Breakfast radio – with the Hump Day Crew on Melbourne’s Joy 94.9fm! We love these guys and always have a rockin’ time when on radio with them. If you’re in Melbourne make sure you tune your radio it 94.9fm [...]

The Same Four Tracks

You learn a lot about a person when you work and live with them all day, every day. I am fast learning that my husband is a creature of habit. He gets very comfortable with the things that he knows well. For example: All day every day, we hear the same four music tracks over [...]

Mistresses vs. Wives – The Showdown

A survey conducted by the Women’s Weekly shows that nearly half the 1115 respondents that answered the survey report that when they were single they had had an affair with a married or otherwise-committed man. While these affairs rarely led to the break up of the man’s marriage/relationship, over a third of them lasted for [...]

Alphabet Dating: 10 Date Ideas Beginning with B

B is for Breakfast (or Brunch) The perfect date if there’s just not enough time in your week or you suddenly find all your nights booked up. Get up a little early and have breakfast with your sweetheart, whether you take them out or cook for them in bed is up to you! B is [...]

Real Life Couples: Brett and Mandy

Brett and Mandy have to be one of the most fun-loving couples we’ve come across in our web-travels! They are daters in their own right on their side of the world, writing for Seattle P-I about their adventures on the town dating in Seattle, as well as on their own Brett and Mandy Date Night [...]

mX Column: The Age of the Bromance

I think my husband may be having an affair. G. – the object of his affection – is tall, good-looking, and also happens to be our next door neighbour. They see each other every day. They are members of the same gym, take frequent coffee breaks and if they can’t be in the same room [...]

Alphabet Dating: 9 Date Ideas Beginning with A

So to support you (and us) through an Alphabet Dating adventure, we are going to publish a list of date ideas each week that start with our Letter of the Week (Sesame Street, we’re coming after you!) If you’re thinking of Alphabet Dating, now’s a great time to start. You can check back in every [...]

A 3-way Relationship? Bingle, Clarke, and the Rest of Australia

The end of a relationship – or facing any relationship problems, for that matter – is never easy, never clean-cut. In the case of Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke, the nude photos, the Fev affair and the very public flight home from New Zealand have made it even less so. I feel for them both, [...]

Alphabet Dating: A is for African Cuisine

You may have caught yesterday’s post on ABC Dating – we’re going to spend the next six months working our way through a dating alphabet. This has a few benefits – we make sure we’re doing something different every time we go on a date and we also introduce a little more structure into the [...]

Love Plug: Hollywood Make-Out Mints

I have just fallen in love with these cute-as-a-button Make-Out Mints… packaged in a sexy retro pink tin with embossed hearts on it, it’s the perfect product to keep you date night ready in a crisis. Tuck them into your handbag and freshen yourself up pre-date with the tiny pink heart-shaped mints inside. Says the [...]

Alphabet Dating

Well, we felt we needed even more structure than usual this year – and to be honest, a new dating challenge. When we have SO MANY date ideas to choose from on our little date night generator, it can get a bit hard to decide what to do next. The ABC Dating trend has been [...]

Getting Back on the Date Night Horse

I have to confess, ever since Christmas hit Den and I have been kind of… slack when it comes to date night. It’s been a blur of road trips, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, partying… summer nights at rooftop bars… bad, bad date night couple. We’ve waned from our usual Wednesday night date night, which means some [...]

The Post-Break Up Makeover

I’ve just finished reading this great post The Power of the Post-Break Up Makeover from the ever-fun Zoe Foster over on Primped. Says Zoe: “Nothing says “I’m over you” to your ex-boyfriend than hiring a Monster truck and gleefully driving over his car, or in the case of Miss ABBIE CORNISH (who recently split up [...]

mX Column: Lessons from Marriage

It’s my first wedding anniversary today. I can hardly believe a year has flown by, but at the same time it seems almost a lifetime ago. I’m acutely aware that each anniversary is cause for celebration – particularly when statistically speaking, there’s at least a 40% chance that any given couple may not stay married [...]

8 Paper (First) Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s our first wedding anniversary today! That makes it a paper anniversary. We’ve decided that we’re going to stick with the traditional gifts in the traditional order. Of course being a guy, Den automatically went “Well, what do I get you? A ream of A4?” No, Den. No you don’t. Here’s a list of paper-anniversary [...]

mX Column: Money Matters

It’s the last few days now of Febusave. More frightening than Febfast (cutting out alcohol), Febusave is an initiative set up by the ANZ Bank to encourage women to pay better attention to their finances. I rallied, and decided it was time I started taking an active role in looking after my own financial situation. [...]