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7 Great Date Ideas Beginning with G

G is for Green Date Ideas Which we already discussed awhile ago. Click this link to see our Gorgeously Green Date Ideas list, compiled for us by Cate and Chris at G is for Games Like, board games. And such. Either hold a game night at home for the two of you or tuck [...]

6 Fruit-and-Flower (4th) Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Well I am completely taken aback to learn that the fourth wedding anniversary traditional symbols are fruit and flowers! I didn’t expect that. I thought after paper, cotton and leather we were certainly starting to head towards some sort of semi-precious something… Go figure. Okay, well – when you think about it fruit and flowers [...]

mX Column: Casual Sex? Not Always Casual.

In the age of the casual hook-up, I’d hazard to say most people have had a bonk-buddy up their sleeve at some point for times of need. It’s a common belief that women, in particular, have difficulty adjusting adapting to a casual sex arrangement. But it turns out that is not our biggest worry when [...]

mX Column: The Etiquette of Dating

What has happened to manners? It seems everyone is so busy these days that there is no time for niceties – returning emails, RSVPing to parties and even saying thank you have fallen by the wayside. When it happens with friends, we can understand, kiss and make up. In dating, however, bad manners are unforgivable. [...]

mX Column: There Is No “Mostly Equal”

NB: This column has been altered slightly from it’s original publication as I have an infinite word count on this blog. There are many things straight couples take for granted that gay couples have had to fight for. And on Monday, Eliza Bern’s article in mX sparked even more conversation on the topic. Bern suggested [...]

Why We Love, Why We Cheat

In the midst of researching for my new ebook, I came across this great presentation given by Dr. Helen Fisher at the 2006 Ted Conference. We love Dr. Fisher’s research and I don’t know how this particular clip has eluded me for four years now. In it, she explains the brain chemistry of the stages [...]

Melbourne Giveaway: Bride Magazine Expo Double Passes and Mags!

Hi Melbourne Daters! I have an extra special treat for our readers that are engaged, or are in a wedding party for a close friend that is getting married soon. My dear friend Jason Grech is the talented fashion designer behind JASONGRECH White – and I’m not even exaggerating when I tell you they are [...]

Life Drawing in Sydney!

Life Drawing in Sydney!

We had our first Sydney Date Night ever! YAY! It was sensational!!! The most fun I’ve had in Sydney for a long time! We’ve recorded video of this date idea, check it out!

6 out of 10 People Not Trying Hard Enough

Wow, Daters. Did you know that 6 out of 10 people are unhappy with their relationships? That’s a lot of people. 60% in fact (I should’ve done maths and stuff). The Daily Mail reported last week that: “More than six out of ten adults in a relationship admit there is a lot they could do [...]

Man-Colds Proven to Exist!

Man-colds do exist! I knew it! I’ve been saying it all along. Says the Daily Mail in London: “Half of men will upgrade a common cold to flu and describe headaches as a migraine to gain maximum sympathy. They will also moan more than women when suffering a bug or virus. This is despite the [...]

LoveStars Astrology Date Night Review

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I really, truly believe in astrology. I’ve been scoffed at before for it, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’m still a believer. I could not be more of a Pisces if I tried. I’m your typical dreamy (read: flaky), emotional (erratic) romantic (unrealistic) type with an [...]

MALE WARNING: Sex and the City is out!

The long awaited sequel to the Sex and the City movie is out – and cinemas across the globe will be jam packed with D&G, Manolo and Prada – with the exception of a few poor souls that have been dragged by their women to watch the movie. This message goes out to those women [...]