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G is for Game Show

G is for Game Show

It was quite awhile ago that a user submitted an idea to the date night generator suggesting to go participate in a studio audience.

It ticks all the boxes as far a great date night goes for us – something new we’ve never done before, cheap and above all, fun, giving you something to talk about while on your date.

Get Lips Guys Will Love!

Continuing our week of beauty, the divine Stefanie from The Lip Print imparts her beauty wisdom on us with great tips for great lips! Picture this: you’re enjoying a blissful Date Night with your partner. The mood is perfect, there’s ambient lighting and smooth background music. You close your eyes and lean in for a [...]

Fuss-Free Beauty – New Fun Things

There are three new things in particular that have come to my attention this week in the fuss-free beauty arena. I’m pretty excited about them! As we discussed earlier in the week, being in a relationship makes me lazy when it comes to grooming. I know a lot of other women in the same boat. [...]

Fuss-Free Beauty – Things I Love

When it comes to my beauty routine, I’m kind of lazy. Add to that my general busy-ness and my hate of early mornings and what you get is a girl who either doesn’t have time or patience to spend hours in the bathroom every morning. In an ideal world, one of two things would happen. [...]

A Week of Beauty on $30 Date Night

Happy 201st Post, Daters! Just to mix things up a little bit, this week $30 Date Night is going to take a little deviation down the beauty route. Why, you ask? What does that have to do with dating and relationships? Plenty, it turns out. Because if you feel good about yourself you’ll feel better [...]

Deal or No Deal, Baby!

Deal or No Deal, Baby!

Em’s and I have been keeping this one secret from you. G is for Game Show! DATE NIGHT on DEAL OR NO DEAL! The episode airs tonight (Thursday 15th July) – in Australia – 5.30pm EST on Channel 7.

F is for Football

F is for Football

With the high fever of the world cup that has been going on the past weeks, it was only logical that F be for Football in the grand scheme of Alphabet Dating. After all, it’s only us Australians and the US that call it soccer. To the rest of the world, it is Football. You [...]

Three Stages of Male Life

This made me laugh… an email sent to me by my baby sister – you should get a chuckle out of it.

E is for Ebay

E is for Ebay

Razzie from Melbourne, Australia submitted one of the more unusual date ideas on $30 Date Night – the ebay date idea. “one wife for sale, slightly used but still has plenty of years left in her. Needs regular attention otherwise may perform poorly. Does NOT come with a guarantee. No refunds!”

Experts Confirm: Couples Need Date Night

Well, we’ve known it for awhile and every month or so we find more research and more expert opinions confirming the same: Couples need to find time in their schedules for date night, or risk ending up a divorce statistic. This article from the Evening Tribune is a good one: “It is not only important, [...]