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Iron & Candy (6th) Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

I want candy! Do-do-do-do. I-iii want can-dee! I’m not even at my second wedding anniversary but I’m super excited already to get to my sixth because you know what, daters? The traditional gift is CANDY! If the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Actually existed, now would be the time to source yourself a golden ticket. Oh, [...]

mX Column: The First Date

The first date. The job interview of the dating world. You have but one chance at this. Don’t. Stuff. It. Up. The pressure is on to make a good first impression. You want the venue to speak volumes about your taste, it also needs to be classy without trying too hard. My dear friend E [...]

San Francisco, Here We Come!

So on our date night US mini-tour we’re also including beautiful San Francisco. I’m compiling our Must-Do Dates right now and would love your input. Here’s some things already on the list… tell us what you think, and add your own too! Find the Tamale Lady and the Creme Brulee Guy Free Swing Lesson in [...]

Revealed: What Relationships Really Cost You

Well we know nothing comes for free these days. Turns out not even love is free. It comes at a cost. And the going rate is two of your best friends. Ouch! From The Age Newspaper: “Research has shown that when people start a new romantic relationship they are likely to lose two members of [...]

5 Marvellous Date Ideas Beginning with M

Museum Date Soak in some culture and history at a museum – a great way to spend an afternoon together and enrich your beings all at once. Go for your city’s flagship museum or find an off-beat, quirky little niche museum… there are thousands of these all over the world, we bet there’s some in [...]

mX Column: Innocent Flirtations?

I was at a cocktail party with my man the other week when I turned to see a very attractive, very leggy brunette launching herself at him (she was more than a little tipsy) and planting kisses on his face. I don’t know what you would’ve done, but I laughed and turned back to my [...]

5 Lovely Date Ideas Beginning With L

Love Conversation Starters These adorable little cards from Kikki-K are one of our favourite things for couples. Full of fun little questions for you to quiz each other on, it’s a great activity to do while on a picnic, and most especially if you’ve been seeing each other for some time. It’s likely you’ll discover [...]

M is for Money

M is for Money

Money, money, money. Got a huge jar of spare change at your place? Cash it in at the bank and use the spoils as your date night budget this week! You won’t believe how much cash you have sitting in one little jar!

The $30 Date Night US Mini-Tour

Daters, we are US-bound! $30 Date Night is going to hit America next month and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re going to be dating our way across Vegas, New York and San Francisco in our first ever $30 Date Night Mini-Tour. There’s a lot in store, but first and foremost we need your help. [...]

mX Column: I Can’t Believe I Went Out With You

Just the other day, I just had one of the greatest moments of clarity available to a person who has had their heart broken. Thank heavens for the internet. It allows us to virtually and remotely drop in on our exes and see what they’re up to. From the safety of your computer screen, they [...]

L is for Laksa

L is for Laksa

Would you believe that Emma has never had Laksa before? So this week, L is for Laksa… something new. Rce Queen. LEVEL 2 / 231 SMITH STREET, FITZROY – Melbourne (Australia). Check it out.

All You Need to Know About Gift-Giving

In one of our many, many differences, Den doesn’t come from a big gift giving family while I come from The Biggest gift giving family you’ve ever seen. In fact, when Den and I met he was quick to tell me that he doesn’t “do” presents. For the first birthday I had when we were [...]

mX Column: Clap if You Believe in Soulmates

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a hopeless romantic. Roses, candles, love letters, chocolates… I’m a sucker for all the tacky clichés and I don’t care if it’s wrong. I don’t even want to be right. When I was younger and more impressionable I also believed in soulmates. That there was [...]

Fly my Kite!

Fly my Kite!

In my head – I thought Kite Flying would be a breeze (no pun intended). The packaging had a label saying “not suitable for children under 36 months,” what it really should have said was “not suitable for under 32 year of age.”

4 Kooky Date Ideas Beginning with K

Our K-date was kind of dismal this week… but more about that later. In the meantime, here are four K date ideas for those playing along at home! Fly a Kite Let’s go fly a kite… up to the highest heights! I’ve had that song stuck in my head all week. Pick a clear, sunny [...]