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All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve

Well we’re fresh off a plane (well, three planes) home from the USA. What’s it like to be back in Australia? For a start, there is a notable lack of pumpkins lying around in people’s doorways here. You see, we don’t really celebrate Halloween. It’s changing slowly as Hallmark and the like try pushing the [...]

Our Vegas Wedding (Video)

You guys, we got remarried! In Las Vegas, of all places! By none other than Elvis himself. It was hysterical. It was EPIC. It was a whole bunch of fun. I’m going to be writing more about this soon, but in the meantime, check out the video right here from the Viva Las Vegas wedding [...]

Lessons from a Long-Haul Flight

Wow, we’ve arrived in Vegas and hit the ground running with barely enough time to get in everything we want to do! We’ve been conferencing as part of BlogWorld Expo 2010, and squeezing in tiny bits of Vegas around the sessions and the parties. For all my advice about traveling as a couple, I had [...]

What Do You Wear to Your Vegas Wedding?

What Do You Wear to Your Vegas Wedding?

Good question! Thanks for asking. Well, originally I was all about the Betty Draper mid-century theme to match my Elvis wedding. I thought it would be an awesome twist on a Vegas Wedding… classy, while still keeping in theme. And those fashions are everywhere right now! I was totally coveting the one from the Louis [...]

Is This Blogworld’s First Vegas Wedding?

What Happens In Vegas…. well, what happens in Vegas is actually legally binding worldwide so you better watch yourself if you wake up in a veil next to your new husband. Luckily for me I’m already married so there’s not much damage that can be done while we’re in the midst of our Vegas Haze [...]

mX Column: The Back-Up Guy

Over breakfast the other morning with a girlfriend, I was discussing The Back-Up Guy. You know, the guy or girl who is always there lingering in the background of your relationship, the one you sometimes think about, wondering what life would be like if you’d ended up with them? The one you could probably end [...]