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Well, communication is the key to every relationship, yes? So we thought we should be loud and clear about what we expect of our relationship from you, dear readers… all in the spirit of an open, honest exchange of thoughts. That’s what blogs are for, after all!

1. We Adore Comment Love!
We love hearing from you! Any and all comments are welcome here, whether you agree with us, or not. Whether you have something additional to share in terms of your own story, or other resources, we appreciate them all!

2. We Delete Spam
I’m sorry, spammers. We don’t want you. We will delete any and all spammy comments, so you might as well not bother!

3. Feel Free to Post Helpful, Insightful Links, BUT We Don’t Like IRRELEVANT Links
If you can contribute something to the discussion by providing us with appealing links to similar topics, that is absolutely fine. Any irrelevant (read: spammy) links will be deleted from the thread.

So that’s it, people! The rules have been set, let the games begin! We look forward to hearing from you all.