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Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Fifth (Wooden) Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wood. Solid, reliable wood. Did you know that every piece of wood is completely individual, with it’s own unique markings that act just like a fingerprint?

And think of all the things that are built using wood. Whole houses are built on wooden frames. There’s no doubt of it’s sturdiness and usefulness.

And so, wood is a very fitting symbol of the fifth wedding anniversary.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Here are some great gift ideas:

1. Furniture
Is there a beautiful piece of furniture your sweetie has had their eye on for awhile? It might be a bedside table, a new desk or even a wooden bed… after five years of marriage you should be able to pick their taste when it comes to these things! Surprise them by splurging on it for them.

2. Rowboat
This is a quaint one. Wooden rowboats are the very epitome of romance. If you can’t afford the space to buy and keep one in the house, why not treat them to an afternoon on the water followed by a decadent picnic for two?

3. Picture Frame
Ornate wooden picture frames are absolutely beautiful. What will really make this gift special, though, is filling the frame with a beautiful photo of the two of you. Pick one from your wedding or blow up your favourite photo and present it to your sweetie so they can hang it with pride of place on the wall or by the bed.

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4. Musical Instrument
Has your spouse always harboured a secret desire to learn to play an instrument? Did they play when they were younger and regret giving it up? Or are they already amazing at playing and their instruments need an update? A guitar, a violin, a piano or any other manner of instrument will blow them away.

If they’re new to music, get them some lessons to start them off. Then they have no excuse to not pick it up!

5. Bonsai Plant
I actually bought this as a wedding present for Denis when we got married. He loves Bonsai plants and had about 25 of them when we got married, but none were quite like this one. I found an award-winning tree from a Bonsai farmer that is 16 years old and pretty expensive as well.

But the beautiful thing about the bonsai is the symbolism – the tree I bought him will last literally hundreds of years. It will grow along with our relationship and our family and can be handed down through generations as a family heirloom. I loved the thought of the tree being with us through everything. We joke it’s our ‘love fern’ all the time.

If your sweetie has a bit of a green thumb, find them an ornamental, already-established Bonsai and watch them melt as you hand it to them.

Are you up to your fifth wedding anniversary yet? What do you have in mind as a gift? Or, if you’re well past the fifth one, what did you get them? Tell us below!

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  2. Posted by pakistani wedding | August 10, 2011, 12:12 pm

    I love the idea of the musical instrument for a gift. Will be hunting for a nice sitar for him. Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate the idea.

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