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Date Ideas

5 Fresh Date Ideas for the Mornings

Sometimes (like last week!) the only time you can find for a date night with each other during a hectic week is a sliver of time of a morning… whether it’s a few hours on a weekend or stealing time before you go to work, here are a few morning date ideas that may appeal to you for just such occasions… all under $30, of course!

1. Breakfast or Brunch Date Idea
Find a great restaurant or brunch nook and head there for a dose of great coffee and a decadent breakfast. If you’re struggling to find time on the weekend, get up an hour earlier and have breakfast before you go to work – it will be a lovely start to the day.

2. Yum Cha Date Idea
A bit of a twist on your usual scrambled eggs with bacon, a lazy Yum Cha breakfast is a great way to do something a little different and unusual. Have a shark fin dumpling for me while you’re there!

3. Breakfast Picnic Date Idea
If it’s a lovely sunny day, head out to a nearby park and take breakfast with you. Think takeaway coffees, small bottles of juice, continental pastries or croissants, fresh fruit and even cereal! Spread out your blanket and enjoy the fresh energy of the morning… people jogging, people going to work, kids playing. Mornings have a different feel altogether!

4. Watch the Sunrise Date Idea
If you’re feeling super up to it, get up at the crack of dawn (or… well… before the crack of dawn!) and drive together to a lookout where you will have a beautiful view of the sunrise. Take a blanket and a thermos of coffee and snuggle together as the sun comes up, then drop into a bakery on your way back home to get fresh baked goodies for breakfast, warm from the oven!

5. Cook a Special Breakfast Date Idea
How often do you cook a really special breakfast at home? Get all the fixings for your sweetie’s favourite breakfast and slip out of bed early to prepare them a surprise gourmet breakfast in their very own house! You could serve it to them in bed or prepare a little “café nook” with white tablecloths, a flower in a vase and even a menu for them.

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