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ABC Date Ideas

5 Lovely Date Ideas Beginning With L

Love Conversation Starters
These adorable little cards from Kikki-K are one of our favourite things for couples. Full of fun little questions for you to quiz each other on, it’s a great activity to do while on a picnic, and most especially if you’ve been seeing each other for some time. It’s likely you’ll discover things about your sweetie you never even knew you didn’t know.

Update: Due to popular (worldwide) demand, $30 Date Night has now developed our very own Naughty and Nice Conversation Starters, available for instant download.

alt textKikki-k’s Love Conversation Starters

Live Music
Find a cosy little jazz club, or nab tickets to a concert you know you’ll both love. Nothing like bopping the night away to great live tunes. Have a dance (if appropriate!)

Coconut-y, delicious dish that deserves to be a date night all of it’s own. Find a great Laksa place near you and take your sweetie there for dinner.

Find a fantastic coffee shop and spend a cold afternoon indoors with the weekend papers, a couple of good magazines and each others’ company. $30 should cover a few coffees as well as lunch or afternoon tea.

Something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do? Sign yourselves up and go along… perhaps a cooking lesson, a surfing lesson, a wine tasting lesson… If you’re both Francophiles or perhaps planning a trip to Europe, sign yourselves up to a whole course of lessons and make that your weekly date night for a few months.

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