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5 Ways to Do Something New With Your Sweetie

Here at $30 Date Night, we work from the philosophy that doing new things with your sweetheart sparks the same brain chemistry as when you first fell in love. This is why we suggest date night – doing something new every week will keep your loved-up and giddy!

Quite literally speaking, when you do something new and exciting, your brain’s reward system will be flooded with dopamine and norepinephrine – the same chemicals that give you butterflies (and cause addiction, funnily enough!).

So for long term couples who haven’t felt those nervous butterflies in quite awhile, here are five ways you and your sweetheart can reclaim the fuzzy, head-over-heels feelings – together!

1. Learn a new skill
This could be something as simple as learning to juggle, learning to play an instrument, having a go on a trapeze, ice skating… or as complex as a short language course or dance lessons! Find something you’ll both enjoy doing together and reap the benefits of the love hormones along with a new talent!

2. Go to a new restaurant
Always going out to dinner at the same old familiar restaurants? Branch out! Whether it be a new establishment you go to, or a totally new cuisine to try, breaking routine and seeking out new places is a great way to expand your horizons and top up your dopamine! Get as niche as you can… have a look for a local restaurant and have fun! Here are some suggestions for great cuisines to try out. Surely you haven’t done ALL of them?

• French
• African
• Nepalese
• Indian
• Thai (Dine on floor cushions!)
• Vietnamese
• Malaysian
• Croatian
• Polish
• Mexican
• Swiss
• Peruvian
• Japanese
• Greek
• Lebanese
• Spanish
• Turkish
• Modern Australian (yes, kangaroo!)
• Molecular Gastronomy (bacon and egg ice cream, anyone?)
• Indonesian

3. Try something new in the bedroom
Got to spice things up every now and then! Try introducing something new to your boudoir routine… a sexy striptease, handcuffs, a longtime fantasy, costumes, a board game, toys, a new Kama Sutra position, fruit and chocolate…. The list goes on! Plenty of suggestions to be found on the internet for you! Be sure to talk it through with your partner first and make sure you’re both comfortable with the scenario…

4. Do something you’ve never done!
The movies tend to be a stock-standard coupledom activity… what about a night on the town with a bit of a twist? When was the last time you took in some theatre, opera or a symphony? A musical? A burlesque show or a live band? Have a look at your town’s local gig guide and see what’s coming up that may interest you both.

5. Explore new places!
Take a mini-break or a weekend away somewhere you’ve never been before. Even just driving a new route will wake up your brain! Wineries, beach houses, the snow, a farmstay, a cottage… getting away from everything that is familiar is a breath of fresh air for both of you…. And staying a few nights in a new environment won’t hurt either!

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  1. Posted by Kirsten | July 21, 2009, 10:13 pm

    I love that these ideas can be applied to someone you’ve been dating forever, someone you’ve just met or even finding someone new.

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