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6 Other Ways You Can Hang Out With Your Sweetie

Date night isn’t the only way to spend time with your sweetheart! We give you 6 more great ways to make sure you get some quality time together instead of getting caught up in the humdrum of daily life. These six ideas are great if you find yourselves pressed for finding time.

Cleaning is a good way to spend time together

1. Do the housekeeping together
Cooking the evening meal together, standing side by side while you do the dishes or getting a little dirty in the garden together can be a lovely way to spend time, if you’re in the right frame of mind about it… and if in doubt about it, you know what we always say here at $30 Date Night – do it naked!

2. Have breakfast together at a café before work starts
Squeeze a little time into your day by getting up early and heading out for breakfast before work. If that’s just not possible, try and have lunch together instead during your work day. Guaranteed you’ll head to your desk with a smile on your face afterwards!

3.Take a shower together
Save water! Shower together… and arrange to drop the soap!

Get clean together and save water!

4. Walk the dog together
Or if you have no pet for an excuse, just take a short stroll together hand-in-hand, around the block.

5. Have a romantic weekend away
You don’t have to go far, just get out of your usual environment and make sure the weekend is devoted to just the two of you. If you’re strapped for cash, see if any of your friends have a holiday house they don’t mind you using, house swap with another couple or look for last minute deals on houses for hire.

6. Negotiate with your children
Let the kids know mummy and daddy need a few hours to just sit and chat. Try sending them on their own date night into another room and put a DVD on for them, or if they’re too young for that, send them to a friend’s house in exchange for you taking their kids next time! It doesn’t need to be for too long, it will give you and your sweetie some space for sitting and chatting and relaxing together.

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