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7 Completely Free Date Ideas

We notice that on our $30 Date Night site, our Free Date Ideas page has become rather popular all of a sudden!

Well, what our people want, our people get. Here’s our choice for top ten free date ideas you and your sweetie can do together! Recommended for long-term couples to indulge in when they’d like to spend some quality time, without forking out any cash… Happy recession dating, darlings!

1. Memory Lane

Build Sandcastles Date Idea

Sit down at home and pull out your old photo albums and memento boxes… take a trip down memory lane with each other. Great conversation starter for long term couples! And it will spark off memories you thought you’d lost a long time ago… lovely way to spend an evening or an afternoon inside. Make a pot of tea or crack open bottle of wine (ahem, if said wine is already lying around the house, it’s not deducted from the budget! See how that works?)

2. Surf, Sun and Sand Castles

Pack your bags with a swimsuit, a good novel, some sunscreen and towels and head to the beach for the afternoon! Splash around, relax and try your hand at some sand art! Build a huge castle, a mermaid, a big fish… get imaginative. Then let some little kid run straight through it!

3. Be in a TV audience
Tickets to sit in the studio audience of a show are usually free! Find out if any live audience stuff is filmed in your city and apply online for tickets. You may have to plan in advance for this one… if you score tix to a gameshow, you may even walk away with a profit!

4. Go for a jog, a bike ride or a nature walk together!
Slip on your sweats and go for a scenic jog together at your local park or lake, a bike ride if you can use your own bikes or borrow a friend’s or even a nature walk at a picturesque part of town.

The exercise will get your endorphins going, and if it’s a beautiful day, your hearts will sing! You decide what to do with each other after you get all sweaty…!

5. Fireworks
Find out when your next local fireworks exhibition is (usually on holidays, special occasions, fairs…) and head on down with a rug and your sweetie to enjoy a night spread out under the stars and the fireworks display… so romantic!

Fireworks Date Idea

6. Board Games / Jigsaw Puzzle
Dust off the old monopoly/chess/twister set and spend a quiet afternoon playing board games. Alternatively, find a huge 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle from a friend or in your cupboard and spend the afternoon piecing it together.

Failing all that, there’s nothing you can’t do with a deck of cards and the internet.

7. Model for a Day
Okay, spruce yourselves up with some spiffy clothes and lovely make up, then head out with your digital camera to capture some happy snaps! Work it, baby – don’t be shy! Pose, smile, be silly and have other people take pics of the both of you. A lovely idea is to roam around all day visiting places that are special to you both… where did you first meet? Your first date? Your favourite park?

When you get back home, load them onto your computer and pick some great ones out to post on Facebook, or print out and frame (perhaps on another day, seeing as this date should technically be FREE! Ha!)

Hope that whets your thirst for awhile, lovelies… as always, see our $30 Date Night site for more creative date ideas. And if anyone has anymore great free date ideas, let us know here!

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