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ABC Date Ideas

7 Great Date Ideas Beginning with G

G is for Green Date Ideas

Which we already discussed awhile ago. Click this link to see our Gorgeously Green Date Ideas list, compiled for us by Cate and Chris at

G is for Games

G is for Board Games

Like, board games. And such. Either hold a game night at home for the two of you or tuck your Monopoly set under your arm and head to a pub with a lounge setting and maybe an open fireplace to play a few rounds with your partner.

There are also new board game cafes that have sprung up around the place. Find a local one and go utilise their games.

G is for Gardening

If you have a backyard, great. Plant yourselves a veggie patch! If you live in an apartment, perhaps a little potted herb garden on your balcony would be less ambitious.

Head to the hardware store and get your pots, soil and seedlings then get sweaty and dirty together in your backyard.

G is for Golf

Whether you get out and attempt to play 9 holes, head for a driving range or just go for Mini-Golf, this is guaranteed to be a bit of a laugh.

G is for Gardening Date Idea

G is for Grease Monkeys!

Assuming one of you is mechanical, put on some old clothes, grab your partner and head out to the car. Have a lesson on changing oil, topping up water, cleaning spark plugs and more. Make lots of jokes about tools and such.

G is for Greek Food

Find a cheap but good Greek restaurant in your area – the kind that serves wine in old jam jars! Feast on spanakopita, taramasalata and dolmades. Yum!

G is for Garage Sales

Get the papers and takeaway coffees on a Saturday morning and trawl the Garage Sales in your local area (or pick a really swanky suburb if you want some amazing trash and treasure finds!).

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    G is for go-karts

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