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9 Vivacious Date Ideas Beginning with V

I love vegetarian food! If you’re a hardcore carnivore, you should give it a try at least once. Done well, you won’t even realise that there’s meat missing from your plate. Find a restaurant specialising in vegetarian or vegan food and head there for a lovely, nutriet-dense meal together.

Veggie Patch
Build yourselves a veggie patch at home! If you don’t have much space, don’t despair. Plenty of people manage to grow a mini crop on their balconies. Go on an adventure to gather all your materials and get planting! Even if it’s just a window box of herbs you can cultivate so you always have fresh parsley in the house. Carrots, beans and tomatoes are among the easiest to grow veggies for beginners, and all can be popped into a deep pot rather than straight into the earth.

Vietnamese Food
Vietnamese food is fresh, healthy and packed with flavour. Try a big steaming bowl of Pho – like traditional chicken soup, it’s really cleansing and great for what ails you.

Violin Recital
The sound of a string quartet is so uplifting. We had a group play at our wedding ceremony and it was beautiful. I teared up as I came into the church and heard them strike up Pachelbel’s Canon. Find a recital or concert near you and go along to soak up the beautiful sounds of the strings.

The easiest way I can think of to have a Vampire-related date is a movie marathon. Or perhaps a True Blood marathon. Spend the day (it’s safer during the day) huddled together on the couch with snacks watching the likes of Brahm Stoker’s Dracula, The Lost Boys and From Dusk til Dawn – great vampire movies without a sparkly supernatural being in sight.

Do you film each other often? (I don’t mean in that way!) If not, consider making a little keepsake video together – something you can keep and look back on years from now, something your potential future grandchildren might see… make it as personal, or funny, or silly as you want. You don’t have to upload it to YouTube or anything.

Take a day trip to visit the vineyards – cellar door tastings, a drive through the countryside, a lunch of local produce. Bliss!

You can play, or you can watch. I’m sure you already know which you would prefer as a couple!

Veal (Schnitzel)
Find an Eastern European restaurant near you that serves a traditional veal schnitzel – thin fillet, crisp crumb outer layer… yum! The local Hungarian restaurant in our neighbourhood even does Schnitzel Happy Hour

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