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A 3-way Relationship? Bingle, Clarke, and the Rest of Australia

The end of a relationship – or facing any relationship problems, for that matter – is never easy, never clean-cut.

In the case of Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke, the nude photos, the Fev affair and the very public flight home from New Zealand have made it even less so.

I feel for them both, having to play it out while Australia watches and comments on their every move. They have a responsibility not only to each other and their careers now, but also to appease their fans who all have an opinion on the subject.

Long distance relationships are becoming more common these days, most often driven by career choices. But if any two people are going to make a commitment to a long-distance relationship, then they need to decide themselves whether their careers or their relationship will come first in these situations.

I think it is admirable that Michael flew home to be able to work it out face to face with Lara, it shows he cares about saving what they have. The break up of an engagement is not something that should be done over the phone.

But now it’s sparked a big debate on whether the cricketer’s career or relationship should be coming first. That’s a very personal decision and certainly not one that Australia can make for him.

Should Lara have demanded him home? Maybe. Maybe not. We can’t know. I would say that it’s a product of her desperately needing some emotional support from her fiancé while she is going through a tough time, or perhaps a sign of immaturity on her behalf; not realising the magnitude of what Michael does and the impact on his fans.

As impossible as it is for this to happen – I wish that they had the time to work it out for themselves. You know when you have a break up and your friends and family tries to offer advice? You never listen to them, they don’t know what’s going on in your life. Why should they listen to the rest of the country?

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