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A Million Years Ago


If you’re anything like me, you love to look in the past – at the good times and the bad. I love going back to what feels like a million years ago to remember who has been involved in my life and who is no longer a part of it. I know they say never look behind, always in front…

I disagree! Don’t bury your memories.

I recently added a Facebook update to our Date Ideas fan page
(become a fan here) about how a Fatboy Slim song reminds me of an ex-girlfriend. I remember we were driving in her old-skool VW beetle. It was raining; we were driving at night time through the main streets of Kew (Melbourne) on our way to a party with Fatboy Slim’s tune “Right Here, Right now” playing through the stereo, I was 21 years old – as our facebook fan stated – it now feels like a million years ago. I remember my ex bopping along to the track singing out loud “Right Here, Row Now” and paying little attention to the road. It’s a sweet memory and I’m glad it’s stuck with me.

Memories remind me of who I am, and who has helped shape my life. I love it when a song, a smell or a change in season brings back flooding memories. It makes me want to call or catch up with old friends who I haven’t seen in a long time.

There are many that say you shouldn’t dig into the past, let alone catch up with an ex, I think differently. Why not?

Emma and I agree that ALL memories should be cherished. And it would be silly to be jealous of a memory that was created long before either of us met. I like being able to share these memories with Em’s. We’ve all got them – and we should share them (the good ones at least).

FYI – I’ve shared the “Fatboy Trigger” with the Ex, told her that each time I hear that track it takes me back to that day in her VW beetle. Although flattered she can’t remember the moment – and rightly so (it’s my memory).

Which song triggers your memory of past flame? And what were you doing?

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