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A Simple Date Idea

This is so simple it’s stupid! Don’t read any further because you are running the risk of the following three letters come out of your mouth in succession: d.e.r.

There are times where Emma and I just don’t want to go out. Pfft, date night – who can be bothered? So, staying at home it is, and what could be easier than doing it at home with a good old fashioned “themed” cook up. Our theme of choice, Mexican!
It’s nothing fancy, it’s not difficult and it’s a whole lot of fun! This is what we did.

The Food – home made of course: recipe for fish tacos came directly from the internet – this is exactly what we did – view here

  • Fish Tacos ($18)
  • Guacamole Dip ($8)
  • Spanish Imported Wine ($9) – its the closest thing I could find

For the gents: I NEVER cook at home. Emma would be lucky to catch me cooking less than 3 times per year (unless it’s on the BBQ). But in all honesty it’s so hard to mess this recipe up – just do what it says.

The Entertainment:
- Mexican music (easily sourced from Spotify)
- Mexican movies: These were my 3 picks, each of these movies have a high IMDB rating.

  • Amores Perros
  • For The Greater Glory
  • Talk to Her

What I love about the themed cook ups: It’s not overwhelming; we plan it and make it happen together. And there’s hardly any research required. Best of all, it’s something new and different.

This date idea just came together without much thought at all. Earlier that day I spent 2 minutes googling for a recipe for fish tacos, and then another 2 minutes for a cheap Spanish / Mexican wine. Emma suggested we try finding Mexican music on Spotify, which turned out awesome.

Buying ingredients is straight forward. Always check your cupboards to see what’s in there first.
We cracked open the bottle of wine first (naturally), then started off making the guacamole munching into that while I got to work on the fish tacos. Fish tacos is a bit of a process, but man-oh-man it was delicious!

All in all, a nice way to spend 90 minutes together cooking, eating, and drinking. Mexican was something we’ve never done before as a date idea which is great! Afterwards was movie time – a simple and easy way to spend an evening.

I love this date idea; You can make it even more fun if you preplanned some props. Maybe a Mexican hat or other classic Mexican themes. Really if you wanted to go all out, you could make it a fun surprise. But for us – we were tired, we weren’t in the mood to take any photos, just wanted to hang out a bit and enjoy each other’s company.

Stuck for something fun to do? Try a themed night in; here is an Italian night in that we did back in September of 2008! $30 Date Night does Italian Night In

Other options include:

  • French
  • Japanese
  • Indian
  • Russian

And the list can continues! Don’t sit around waiting for fun to happen, it’s easy, its simple and it’s only $30! Get onto your own themed date night this week and tell us how it went!

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